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The digital tools favoured by high-performing marketers

The digital tools favoured by high-performing marketers


4 years ago

4 years ago



From data analytics tools and video marketing platforms to voice recognition and artificial intelligence, finance content marketers have endless tools at their fingertips.

What they don’t have is endless time or endless resources.

Digital tools are vital to remaining competitive in the finance content marketing game, but there’s an art (and science) to knowing which ones to use and when—and for what purpose.

Digital tools are vital to remaining competitive in the finance content marketing game, but there’s an art (and science) to knowing which ones to use and when—and for what purpose.

The good news is, you don’t have to figure that out from scratch. The world’s high-performing marketers have done the hard work for you—and the results of their efforts are in the sixth edition of Salesforce’s handy State of Marketing Report.

Here, we take a look at which tools are on the rise in marketing, and how finance brands are using them to their advantage.

Artificial intelligence leads the way

Of all the tools available, artificial intelligence (AI) is the one to watch. 84% of marketers reported using AI in their work in 2019—up from 29% in 2018. What’s more, 56% of high-performing marketers are planning on using AI more in the next year.

The big question is how?

Well, the top five uses of AI so far are to:

  1. provide personalised experiences in individual channels;
  2. improve customer segmentation;
  3. surface insights from data;
  4. drive next best actions (such as offers); and
  5. automate customer interactions.

In finance content marketing, industry leaders include London-based fintech start-up Cleo, a Siri-style voice recognition platform integrated with Facebook, Alexa and Google Home, which allows users to track spending, set budgets and receive alerts, as well as San Francisco’s Olivia, a virtual financial assistant that uses AI to learn users’ spending patterns, predict purchases and recommend ways to increase value for money spent—among many others.


Social marketing comes in runner up (just)

A close second to AI is social media marketing, with 53% of high-performing marketers planning on using it more in the coming year.

Essentially, high-tech social marketing tools help you keep up with the busy pace of social media, by automating a lot of the work for you and providing AI-powered insights.

Such tools range from content managers, which take care of publishing, posting and commenting; to chatbots, which provide users with personalised responses to their questions; to tools that collect and analyse data on everything from audience behaviour to conversational trends.

One finance brand that’s embraced the power of social marketing tools is US-based bank Wells Fargo, whose Facebook chatbot answers questions about everything from how much the user spent on food in the previous week to the location of the nearest ATM.

Bronze goes to marketing analytics and measurement tools

Marketing analytics and measurement tools are key to financial services content marketing success. They give you the truth about which of your finance content is working and why, so you can create a data-driven content strategy focused on more of what customers like and less of what they don’t.

High-performing marketers keep track of a wide range of analytics, including revenue, sales effectiveness, web and mobile analytics, customer satisfaction, customer retention rates, digital engagement rates, social analytics, marketing leads, customer acquisition costs, customer referral costs and lifetime customer value.

And smart finance brands are doubling the value of data by transforming it into popular finance content. A cheeky bit of humble bragging, to see boring data made beautiful, check out The Little Book of Data we created for Aviva Investors.

The rest …

The other four tools that high-performing marketers expect to rely on in the coming year are video marketing tools, with 50% looking to use them more; customer data platforms, which are on the mind of 48% of marketers; marketing automation tools, which have the attention of 47%; and voice recognition tech, which is on the radar of 43% of marketers.

Wondering how you’ll bring tools into your finance content marketing strategy? Get in touch.

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