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Why all finance brands need a need a Google My Business listing

Why all finance brands need a Google My Business Listing


3 years ago

3 years ago


Free and quick and easy to create, setting up a Google My Business listing is a simple decision to make. But it’s often only considered to be a relevant option for small financial brands or banks with individual branches. A small step in an overarching SEO content marketing strategy, here’s why it’s a worthwhile step that finance brands of every size should take.

A simple bit of SEO hygiene that’s worth doing

Optimising your SEO strategy for Google is an intelligent marketing decision. With around 86% of the world using Google on their desktop computers, ensuring your content marketing appeals to Google’s algorithm is essential. A My Business listing is a simple way of optimising your SEO content strategy for Google specifically, strengthening your position in the search engine’s rankings. On average, 56% of actions on Google My Business listings are website visits, displaying how it effectively generates further traffic to your website. Put simply, people are using My Business listings to generate leads, and not having one could mean you miss out on a range of potential customers that otherwise wouldn’t click on your website.

“ On average, 56% of actions on Google My Business listings are website visits.”

A simple bit of SEO hygiene, a Google My Business listing helps to put your finance brand in the best position possible to be discovered organically. Google My Business is a database of business’s information that can be used to benefit people searching for certain products and services. Google uses this information to create its search engine rankings and to populate Google Maps results. Put simply, a My Business listing is a sign of your brand’s legitimacy that also acts as added insurance to prevent your finance brand getting pushed down the SERPs.

Tap into additional analytics

A Google My Business listing also offers additional insights into how your overall content marketing ecosystem is resonating with your target audience. A My Business listing can provide you with analytics on:

  • views
  • what keywords are getting you discovered
  • engagement
  • website clicks
  • audience

By utilising this information, in conjunction with your advertising and website analytics, it can ultimately help you alter and strengthen your SEO content marketing strategy.

How Google My Business boosts your reputation

Google My Business listings aren’t just about ranking higher on Google search results, they also act as a simple marketing tool to strengthen your presence and reputation online. Customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider a business reputable if they have a My Business listing. With the ability for people to leave reviews, see who you are and get to know your business before even clicking on your website, a Google My Business listing is an important extension of your organic SEO content marketing strategy.

People are using Google My Business listings every day as another method to find financial products or services. Compared to Google ads, which have a click through rate of 1.55%, Google My Business listings have a high average conversion rate of 5%. This makes it a simple step finance brands can take to boost their visibility, complementing the other core elements of your content and distribution strategy such as SEO content, social media distribution and paid advertising.

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