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Are you ready for Google’s Search Generative Experience?


4 months ago

4 months ago


Google is keen to spruik its AI-led tool as a more efficient way for users to find information. Yet, a recent poll found that 60% of SEOs are worried about the impact Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) will have on their jobs and performance.

Learn why it’s something financial marketers need to be across, including the risks and opportunities.

What is Google’s Search Generative Experience?

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a tool that uses generative AI to give users quick and clear overviews of search topics, without having to click through to individual website pages.

With SGE, Google offers a list of suggestions at the top of SERP results drawn from multiple sources.

SGE has been rolling out in America. A recent study looked at exactly what SGE will show searchers.

It found AI-generated answers didn’t match any links from the top 10 Google organic search results 93.8% of the time.

SGE is expected to “reduce organic traffic significantly” to websites for many keywords, according to Search Engine Land.  Searchers could get their answers directly from AI-driven responses.

Should financial marketers be concerned?

The recent study was based on commercial keywords. So, understandably, it piqued the interest (and worries) of financial marketers who may be over-leveraged in search marketing.

“ If users can find the answers they need without leaving Google, it potentially undermines the work that underpins SEO. ”

A lot goes on behind the scenes in an SEO strategy. The analysis required can be very time-consuming. This may not deliver a strong ROI if the top organic listings in search get pushed down the SERP in favour of AI-led results.

That said, there’s an opportunity for websites outside the top 10 of Google’s organic results to appear as links within SGE.

What steps can be taken?

SEOs have dealt with lots of challenges in the past. Not least staying ahead of – or just getting their heads around – the ever-changing beast of Google’s search algorithm.

Here are three steps to take to shore up your marketing strategy in light of SGE:

1. Keep up with industry trends

Stay across the latest happenings in search marketing. Search Engine Land, Semrush’s blog and SEO influencers like Lily Ray are worth following.

Also, sign up to any relevant industry newsletters including Financial Marketer.

Understand ‘Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO)’. Essentially, AEO aims to directly answer user queries, making it easily crawlable by AI assistants. New research shows prioritising long-tail keyword content may be valuable.

Practically, this could mean amending the Q&A content on your website.

2. Review your content strategy

The question of which content types finance marketers should aim for in the brave new world of AI is ongoing.

For our money, as users continue to look for snappier answers to their searches, bite-sized content – such as short, animation-led videos and explainers – is an area to explore.

Take a broader look at the balance of your overall content types. Diversification is a good thing. Marketers should still consider longer-from articles where appropriate.

3. Increase your brand’s strength

Brands who put effort into staying close to their key audiences will always be well-placed to drive organic growth.

By positioning your brand strategically on social media, you can increase trust and have a new way to get reach. Paid search also needs to be considered in this mix.

The good news with SGE? Marketers have some breathing space (for now). SGE has to be enabled by a user for it to influence their search results.

But much like someone who’s considering SGE, now’s the time to get switched on.

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