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The finance marketer's guide to organic traffic

The financial marketer’s guide to organic search traffic


2 years ago

2 years ago


Recent research by Conductor has identified organic search traffic as “arguably the most crucial form of traffic”. For finance brands, organic traffic can sometimes be an afterthought, with paid media campaigns and direct traffic being the priority. However, given that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search it’s critical financial marketers prioritise it as part of their overall marketing strategy. So, how can you optimise your content to improve it and what benchmarks should your finance brand be aiming for?

What is organic search traffic?

Organic search traffic is the number of visitors that visit your website through search engine results. With 90.63% of pages getting no organic traffic on Google, gaining organic traffic isn’t a given – your finance brand must have a strategy in place.

Focusing on improving your organic traffic is pertinent as it’s the only type of channel that can produce long-term results. In other words, there’s no end date to the results you can gain from organic traffic as people are always searching, unlike a paid media campaign for example.

“ Organic is arguably the most crucial form of traffic – Conductor, 2022 ”

With the average organic click through rate (CTR) for web pages on the first page of Google’s results being 32%, it pays to have a good marketing strategy. Content marketing is the best way finance brands can improve their search engine rankings and organic search traffic.

What benchmarks should finance brands be aiming for?

According to Conductor, a benchmark for finance brands’ organic traffic should be around 33%. Most finance brands aren’t hitting these benchmarks for organic traffic.

Below are the current average organic search traffic results for specific finance industries and indicate a need for improvement across the board:

  • Insurance 32.8%
  • Banking 27%
  • Asset managers 25.9%

So how can finance brands improve their organic search traffic?

How content can drive your organic traffic

Content marketing is your finance brand’s secret weapon for improving organic traffic. This is because content marketing can strengthen your SEO strategy by providing you with the opportunity to include more keywords, gain backlinks and enable reshares of your content.

With every keyword, backlink and reshare, your content becomes more valuable and improves your position in search engine rankings, improving your ability to gain organic search traffic.

When it comes to perfecting your content marketing strategy to improve organic traffic, it’s critical your finance brand’s content matches what your target audience is searching for. The number one way to create content that drives organic traffic is by keeping the end user front of mind at all stages of content development.

Tips and tricks

Content marketing can help gain you the top spot in search engine rankings. But how can you optimise your content to ensure this happens? Here are our top tips to ensuring your finance brand creates content that improves your organic search traffic:

  • Utilise longtail keywords
  • Find and remove non-performing content
  • Maximise your social media content and have a strong presence
  • Create engaging video content
  • Don’t forget about metadata
  • Optimise website performance such as improving the speed of your site and useability
  • Create regular blog content
  • Always use internal links and try to gain backlinks

At the end of the day, organic traffic should be a priority for finance brands. By improving your organic traffic, your finance brand can generate more visitors, nurture leads and convert clients.

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