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5 years ago

5 years ago



The Dubs launched Aberdeen Standard Investments’ thought leadership programme to grow brand credibility, audience engagement and scale across its asset management markets globally.

“The Dubs helped implement our social media strategy. Building on from this, they have been heavily involved in crafting the visual and branding identity for our content”


At the heart of the program is a daily editorial publishing schedule of insightful, thought-provoking content under the ‘Our thinking’ masthead. Content produced is created to be equal to (or exceed) that available in the mainstream press in the finance and investment categories.

All content is distributed across the brand’s owned social media channels and promoted both organically and amplified with targeted sponsored posts. Consistent quality imagery and headlines are used to ensure editorial content is visibly arresting and hugely differentiated to Aberdeen Standard Investments’ peers.

Beyond distributing and promoting Aberdeen Standard Investments’ content, The Dubs creates and packages the asset manager’s brand imagery, responsive charts, interactive modelling tools and long-form editorial.

After analysis and in-market optimisation of its organic promotion, articles are further amplified to continuously increase audience exposure and reach.

Aberdeen Standard Investments’ content marketing program is now active in 20 countries expanding across the UK, Europe, the Nordics, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.


Since launch in 2015 the content program has won more than 20 awards recognising its content marketing and social media success and in 2019 ranked first place in the UK against its competitors in LinkedIn’s Financial Advisory Network for its content marketing score.


And the content program is striking in the accelerated growth of it’s owned social media channels as of March 2020:

  • 185,000+ X followers
  • 94,000+ LinkedIn followers
  • 23,000+ Facebook followers
  • 18.8M+ YouTube video views.

What our client thinks

“The Dubs helped implement our social media strategy. Building on from this, they have been heavily involved in crafting the visual and branding identity for our content. As a key part of this they have continually supplied us with visually arresting and contextually relevant images to support our written, audio and video content. Lastly, they have had significant input in shaping our overall content strategy.” Says James Whiteman, Aberdeen’s head of investment communications.

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