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Australian Super Funds leading the charge


3 weeks ago

From the publisher

3 weeks ago


Australian superannuation funds are cementing their leading market influence through impactful and effective marketing tactics. We delve into the digital marketing efforts attracting the attention of their global counterparts and unpack the tactics they’re employing at each level of the marketing funnel.

Global recognition and influence

The burgeoning strength and influence of Australian super funds are not confined to domestic boundaries but are gaining recognition on the global stage. When Brookfield Asset Management pursued the acquisition of Origin Energy Ltd., AustralianSuper took a proactive stance, contesting the bid due to the perceived undervaluation of a key player in Australia’s green energy transition. These assertive moves represent a departure from the traditionally passive role of Australian super funds with funds now becoming lead investors in global projects, highlighting their growing influence.

With Australia’s retirement savings pool projected to triple to A$10.5 trillion by 2040, these funds are becoming significant players in global finance, transforming Australia from a debtor nation to a capital exporter. Peasley, who oversees a portfolio of $65 billion of Australian Super assets explains in an interview with Investment Magazine, “We’re taking larger stakes in businesses and being more of a lead owner, as opposed to being a minority investor following the owners.”

Their commitment to sustainability, such as AustralianSuper’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and Aware Super’s company-wide exclusions from unethical investments, enhances their appeal with investors and competitors alike. As they expand their presence to international financial centres like London and New York, global brands are taking note of their strategies. This newfound prominence underscores Australian super funds’ pivotal role in shaping the future of financial marketing and investment worldwide.

Leading by example: Australian super fund strategies

Australian super funds are employing diverse digital marketing tactics to connect with their audience effectively. For instance, AustralianSuper’s approach encompasses a multi-platform strategy, utilising social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and X. Through these platforms, AustralianSuper shares valuable insights on retirement planning and investment strategies, targeting audiences at the awareness and consideration stages of the marketing funnel. Interactive content and partnering with industry experts to establish AustralianSuper as a trusted adviser in the financial landscape.

Hostplus distinguishes itself through its search marketing prowess and website optimisation efforts. By leveraging targeted keywords and user-friendly website design, Hostplus ensures individuals have easy access to essential retirement planning resources. This strategy effectively targets users at the consideration and decision stages of the marketing funnel, facilitating informed decision-making and encouraging active participation in financial planning.

Innovative campaigns: Future Super case study

The “FutureWealth” campaign by Future Super exemplifies innovative marketing within the Australian super industry through its strategic execution. By seamlessly integrating traditional advertising with modern digital strategies, the campaign effectively engages a broad audience. Through emotive storytelling and relatable scenarios, Future Super communicates the significance of retirement planning to audiences across different stages of the marketing funnel. The campaign’s innovative approach fosters emotional connections and highlights tangible benefits, inspiring action and engagement among its target audience.

Australian super funds are setting the standard for global retirement planning and financial marketing through their strategic engagement and influence on prominent brands.

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