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Tell me you're not still planning content in excel

Tell me you’re not still planning social content in excel


5 years ago

5 years ago


We spoke to Thibaut Clément, CEO of social media content management tool, Loomly, about optimising social media workflows and how finance marketers can streamline their process for planning social content and get the best from their social channels.

Staying on top of social media can be difficult for small and large companies alike. What benefits could a social media management platform offer marketers working in the finance sector?

“Social media is particularly tricky for finance marketers as tight regulation means they need to be extra careful when publishing online. There are usually multiple departments that need to provide feedback on social posts – for example, legal, compliance or sales. A collaborative social media management platform where teams can draft and edit social media content together creates a smooth and flexible workflow, saving time and limiting risk.”

Are there any social media trends that finance marketers should be aware of?

“We’ve seen one trend emerging slowly but surely. Social media platforms are now giving priority to original, carefully crafted content over automated, duplicated posts. Twitter has officially announced it and Facebook has indicated the same.

This is a great opportunity for finance marketers to stand out by creating compelling thought leadership that allows them to connect, engage, retain and convert targeted audiences in the process. It’s not just all about tweets either – think about how you can use platforms suited to longer form copy, like LinkedIn, to your advantage.”

So tell us a little bit about Loomly – how did you come up with the idea?

“The journey began at the digital marketing agency I co-founded with my wife Noémie – now CMO and co-founder of Loomly. We were surprised to see that all our clients – even global brands – were managing their social media content in an Excel spreadsheet. It’s a long, drawn-out process involving fiddly cells and regimented version control. We knew there must be a better way so we created a tool to make it easier.”

We were surprised to see that all our clients – even global brands – were managing their social media content in an Excel spreadsheet.

What sets Loomly apart from the growing number of social management tools on the market?

“Most of our competitors focus on one specific part of the publishing process: for example, they help you publish content that you have already created elsewhere. Loomly covers the entire content publishing process and helps you:

  • Create posts and get inspiration from in-platform RSS feeds and Twitter trends
  • Optimise posts as you create them using the intuitive Post Builder feature
  • Review and approve your posts as a team on a collaborative platform using post mock-ups and a commenting system
  • Schedule your content for automated publishing
  • Boost posts with ads
  • Manage your online community
  • Measure your success with advanced analytics features including account, post and URL metrics.”

Social media is changing fast, and with new ways to approach your target audience through LinkedIn and influencer campaigns, having a seamless process in place is not to be sniffed at. For more information on how to choose between social media management tools check out The Dubs blog.

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