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Keeping up in the finance content marketing game

Keeping up in the finance content marketing game


4 years ago

4 years ago


Finance content marketing, like all things digital, moves fast. 2019 saw the rise of personalisation, podcasts and microinfluencers, while 2020 has been about building (and rebuilding) trust through transparency — in between navigating life-changing upheavals, from Brexit to bushfires to COVID-19.

As a finance content marketer, how do you not only keep up but get ahead of the game? 

Tip #1: Read read read

“The simplest way to keep up is by reading,” says Josh Frith, managing director at The Dubs. “Read about what’s going on in the finance content marketing space — and see what other brands are doing.”

You can’t read everything, so choose some high-performing finance brands and follow their blogs and social media accounts. You might find inspiration in American personal finance company NerdWallet’s travel blog, Australian bank ME’s slow TV and asset management fund MJ Hudson’s passporting guide

(By the way, our blog, Financial Marketer, is a good place to get regular industry updates).

Tip #2: Get into data — but strategically

“Finance content marketers need to fall in love with data and analytics,” says Frith. “There are so many helpful platforms out there, like SEMrush and Google Analytics, and you don’t need to be a data scientist to understand them.”


“ Finance content marketers need to fall in love with data and analytics.”

With mountains of data available at your fingertips, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The trick is to be strategic. Figure out the key goal of your finance content marketing strategy — be it raising awareness of a particular aspect of your brand, such as commitment to sustainability, or the sale of a particular product  — and view the data through this lens. 

Conduct regular analyses to keep up with your audience’s changing behaviours, expectations and interests. You’ll find loads more helpful tips for your data strategy over here.

Tip #3: Everything is content

“Over the next few years it will become more and more apparent that all marketing is content marketing, and that everything is content,” says Frith.

In doubt? Among the early adopters of this mantra are Australian neobank Up, which has transformed its app release notes into popular content; as well as British bank Barclays and Australian bank NAB, both of whom have turned boring research reports into successful content strategies.

To stay ahead of the game — and maybe even start a trend of your own — it’s important to think creatively.

“Finance brands are content rich; the problem is that many don’t know how to extract that content from the ground floor up — statements, analytics reports, commentary, in-house events … they all have the potential to become part of a powerful finance content marketing strategy.”

Feel like your finance content marketing is lagging behind? Get in touch

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