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How a finance content hub can help you own the conversation

How a finance content hub can help you own the conversation


4 years ago

4 years ago


If there’s one way of dominating the finance content marketing landscape it’s to own the conversation and be the expert in a particular area. 

After all, finance content marketing isn’t about baiting customers with click-worthy headlines or dramatic angles, it’s about helping your audience by delivering the educational content they need and want—over time, and in the clearest, most accessible and relevant way possible.

There are many ways to demonstrate your expertise, from publishing long-form content to hosting webinars. However, one of the most effective ways to serve your customers’ needs and share the depth of your expertise is through a dedicated online finance content hub. Structured around a key topic area that can be broken down into strategic content pillars, a finance content hub can house snackable content, in-depth thought leadership, research and analysis and video content that proves your standing as an authority in the market.

Here, we share some tips for creating an online finance content hub that leads the way.

Narrow your focus

The enemy of finance content marketing is the temptation to please everybody. In setting up a finance content hub, your goal should be to go deep, rather than wide. Choose a topic that aligns with your brand and interests your audience—and stick with it. 


In setting up a finance content hub, your goal should be to go deep, rather than wide.


One finance brand that’s mastered this is Nomura Asset Management (UK). Its online hub, Insight, does what the name promises; it provides insights regarding (and only regarding) Nomura’s investment services. The content is conveniently divided into easy-to-search categories, such as ‘Market View’, which provides timely market analyses written by Nomura’s in-house experts, to ‘Funds in Focus’, which provides in-depth reports written by Nomura’s fund managers.

Think outside the four walls

Duplicate content that’s been done a million times before, and you’ll be drowned out by the noise. There aren’t many new subjects in finance content, but there are new ways of talking about them. Once you’ve settled on a topic, brainstorm novel approaches and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Take Money Diaries, a content hub by US-based investment service Wealth Simple. Every single article tells the personal story of an individual’s relationship with money—and how that relationship changed. For example, Joel Kim Booster explains how he went from working long hours in customer service while burdened with student debt, to becoming a professional comedian, while Judith Maria Bradley recounts becoming a model at the age of 70, after having nearly been homeless.

Make your finance content hub user-friendly

An effective finance content hub is one that visitors go to time and time again—sometimes, to consult your leadership on a specific topic; at others, to browse the latest updates. This means it’s imperative that your hub is well designed and intuitive-to-navigate. 

A good example is AMP’s Manage My Money. This online destination is devoted to giving everyday Australians practical tips for saving money. The clean layout makes it easy to find the most recent articles, scroll for headlines that catch the eye or search for topics of interest. And the content covers a variety of clever angles, from ‘how to identify (and beat) your spending triggers’ to ‘should you give your teenager a credit card?’ and ‘how to create an 8-week Christmas savings plan’.

Is it about time you created an online finance content hub for your brand? From development to design, strategy and content production ongoing, we can help. Get in touch.

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