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Financial Marketer’s guide to reaching high net worths

Financial Marketer’s guide to reaching high net worths


3 years ago

From the publisher

3 years ago


A highly engaged audience that is generally widely-researched and well-informed, when it comes to reaching high net worths finance brands are competing with multiple sources for their attention. To get a look in, finance brands need to develop a content strategy as sophisticated as their target audience.

In this Financial Marketer’s guide we address key elements of this strategy, beginning with how to reach high net worths where they already live.

How finance brands can reach high net worths using LinkedIn

Research shows high-net-worth individuals are riding the digital revolution, and LinkedIn ranks high on their trusted reading list.

Pushing high net worths down the funnel using LinkedIn

You’ve captured their attention, now it’s time to drive high net worth investors down the sales funnel by pro-actively targeting them on LinkedIn.

The Financial Marketer’s guide to developing an always-on social media strategy

Not just a case of hitting them once, for your social media efforts to be effective they need to be always-on. The Dubs senior paid social media specialist Tara Cimino shares eight key steps for developing a best-practice always-on social media strategy.

“ For your social media efforts to be effective they need to be always-on.”


Australian asset managers fall behind their global counterparts

Our custom research shows why global asset managers are the example to follow when it comes to connecting with high net worth audiences through social.

How The Dubs is helping finance brands reach high net worths

Here we delve into the approach we took with some of our own clients.

  • AllianceBernstein is a global asset manager giving EMEA investors the level of localised insights and thought leadership they deserve.
  • The Dubs has helped position Citi’s wealth division as a high-quality offering and created awareness with HNWIs in Australia.

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