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Cryptocurrency enters the finance mainstream

Cryptocurrency enters the finance mainstream


2 years ago

2 years ago


Cryptocurrency is no longer relegated to niche chat boards, but a legitimate investing method that everyday consumers are utilising. In fact, 50% of consumers who plan to invest in cryptocurrencies intend to use them to make purchases. Consumers want to integrate their cryptocurrency with their current financial management services. By incorporating it into your finance brand’s products and services, you can market yourself to a newer and larger audience helping to improve client acquisition channels.

However, even if your finance brand isn’t ready or equipped to incorporate cryptocurrency into your services, it’s worthwhile including it within your overall content strategy. Research by The Dubs and Dianomi late last year found while cryptocurrency made up 18.25% of investors’ global search volumes, only 2.96% of global asset managers published content about it.

What once felt like a topic reserved only for Reddit users is now something the everyday investor wants more information about. Crypto has long since been considered a volatile and confusing topic for investors, creating a prime opportunity for reliable and trusted finance brands to become valuable sources of educational information. By filling this information gap, your finance brand can create meaningful connections with interested investors.

The popularity of cryptocurrency continues to rise

Cryptocurrency is forecasted to rise in popularity, with it being seen not as simply an investment but also as a regular payment method.

According to research by Cornerstone, 12% of consumers (a projected 30 million) currently own one or more cryptocurrencies, 4.5% (11.5 million) have owned them in the past, and 17 million non-owners may acquire cryptocurrency for making purchases in the near future. As the number of people looking to invest in cryptocurrency rises, so does the opportunity for your finance brand to attract new clients and interested investors.

Finance brands getting on the cryptocurrency bandwagon

With the growing trend in cryptocurrency rising, it’s not just fintechs or billionaires like Elon Musk that are starting to jump onto the crypto bandwagon. Traditional banks are starting to see the opportunity in offering cryptocurrency, with 92% of consumers saying they would definitely or maybe use their bank to invest.

Yet, there remains large hesitancy and mixed opinions with stories of big highs and lows muddying investors’ opinions. With trusted financial organisations beginning to integrate cryptocurrency into their digital platforms, those on the fence may begin to change their mind and decide to invest. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how far demand for cryptocurrency takes off, creating a prime opportunity for your finance brand to capture the attention of an ever-growing market early.

“ 92% of consumers say they would definitely or maybe use their bank to invest in crypto. ”

In Australia, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced in November 2021 it will become Australia’s first bank to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency assets directly through their app. Through a partnership with Gemini and Chainanalysis, Commonwealth Bank will be able to offer clients secure and easy methods of investing in cryptocurrency.

The CEO of CBA, Matt Comyn explains, “We believe we can play an important role in crypto to address what’s clearly a growing customer need and provide the capability, security, and confidence in a crypto trading platform.”

In America, Chime Bank has been offering clients the opportunity to buy and sell crypto easily through their partnership with Paxful. Not only that, but they also offer easy-to-understand and educational content on cryptocurrency on their website and social media platforms.

By demystifying cryptocurrency through educational and high-quality content your finance brand can connect with customers authentically. When creating educational content it’s critical you tailor it to specific age demographics as well as the level of crypto investing experience. By doing so, you open your brand up to a new market audience enabling you to nurture fresh leads and push them through the client acquisition funnel.

How finance brands should proceed

Creating partnerships with cryptocurrency platforms and integrating them within your finance app is a great way of capturing an interested investor market while also staying ahead of the competition – but it’s not easy to do quickly. If your finance brand can’t incorporate cryptocurrency services or it doesn’t make sense as part of your core wheelhouse, producing creative, engaging and educational content about cryptocurrency is a must-do.

By publishing content on cryptocurrency you can demonstrate thought leadership, build a captured audience as well as help nurture web visitors to eventually convert them into clients. Offering content clients want to see and are actively intrigued by is a great opportunity to build your brand as a trusted and valuable source of information.

Cryptocurrency isn’t only for niche audiences and Reddit users anymore, it’s now a big part of investors’ interests and it would be remiss for your finance brand not to reflect this in your services and content strategy.

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