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Aviva Investors elevates its content with podcasting and award winning publishing


5 years ago

5 years ago


Global asset management juggernaut Aviva Investors understands the power of content marketing for distributing its thought leadership to investors. The finance brand produces a stylish and rich content hub called AIQ Magazine that covers macroeconomic issues, key investment topics and news that’s important for investors to understand when making decisions on their portfolio.

AIQ Magazine is well crafted as an online destination and houses numerous articles, research reports and graphic material that is the mainstay of any content marketing program.

Where Aviva stands out from its peers is by adopting other interesting content formats to broaden the overall content experience for its target investor audiences.

This is evidenced by Aviva introducing an ongoing podcast series where respected subject matter experts deep dive into key issues investors want to understand.

Podcast Series

Aviva briefed The Dubs to produce the podcast series with talent sourced internally such as portfolio managers matched with external experts such as leading academics and company CEOs.

The podcasts are housed within AIQ Magazine and can be played either from the web page or within the online audio platform SoundCloud. 

“boring, made beautiful. The attention to detail and tenacity is commendable”

Data Visualisation

The Dubs also supports Aviva with its editorial program but a particularly interesting initiative takes charting and data visualisation to another level.

In an industry inherently driven by number charting and data display is ubiquitous but largely purely functional in form with static on-page display often simply taken from Microsoft Excel which investors view and simply move on.

We designed ‘The Little Book of Data’, which delivered commercial success for Aviva Investors through direct client engagement – (Aviva Investors mailed their top-tier clients around 1,500 copies).

The book attracted such praise as “Boring, made beautiful. The attention to detail and tenacity is commendable” from Damian Totman, Global Creative Director, Bloomberg.

Beautiful Print

The Little Book of Data is now an ownable industry publication showcasing Aviva Investor’s expertise and investment capabilities in a uniquely creative and visually-striking format.

This is unique in the asset management industry. An irony of financial services communication, particularly B2B institutional marketing, is that such a data-rich industry repeatedly fails to visualise data in a comprehensible and engaging way.

The latest edition, The Little Book of Data 2 is a coffee table book with over 90 pages and packed with 50 unique data visualisations. By blending creation and curation, the book visualises key global themes visualisation and is packaged as a whole to create a high-quality, high-impact book.

8,000 copies of the book were printed (sustainably) and distributed to key investment clients across 10 countries.

Executive creative director of The Dubs, Tristan Fawley, said “Aviva Investors wanted to break the habit of providing data to clients in the standard format of overly-complex charts so together we created the coffee table book The Little Book of Data”.


Award Winning

The project has received creative recognition winning Creativepool’s 2019 Silver and People’s Choice awards for Publishing.

Award judge and global creative director of Bloomberg, Damian Totman, sums it up saying The Little Book Of Data is “boring, made beautiful. The attention to detail and tenacity is commendable”.      

The follow up, Little Book of Data 2 has been just as successful as its predecessor. Aviva Investors has received similarly positive feedback from clients to last year, who now view the book as an annual treat. Trade media and social campaigns have also resulted in over 250 lead enquiries so far.      

“The Little Book of Data 2 has really struck a chord with our clients and prospects in Asia. So far we’ve received messages of thanks from 126 different people at 89 different client and prospect organisations in Asia. I’ve been covering Asia institutional for 15 years; I’ve never seen a response like this.”

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