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7 stats every finance marketing team should know

7 stats every finance marketing team should know


3 years ago

3 years ago


Financial marketers must be on top of the latest trends and statistics if they want their financial marketing to succeed. Understanding what drives marketing success and learning from key marketing mistakes is a way finance brands can remain competitive. Marketing data is the key for finance brands to continue to progress and enrich the experiences of customers.

1. Mobile-friendly web design is a must for finance brands

With 52.16% of businesses’ rankings altering on mobile devices by three places, and 29.16% changing by 10 places, a responsive finance website is no longer a nice-to-have.

2. SEO is more important than ever for financial marketing

51% of accounting, 81% of loans and mortgage, and 33% of banking consumers did not have one company in mind while searching.

3. Gain a higher ROI through content marketing

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates more than 3x as many leads per dollar spent.

4. Generate leads through a strong SEO strategy

The average click-through rate for a financial services search ad is 5.1%, compared to the average online display ad generating a 1.19% CTR.

5. Amp up content to generate leads

64% of calls to financial services providers come from organic searches and 36% come from paid searches.

6. Set goals you can measure against

More than 50% of banks don’t measure ROI for their marketing campaigns, meaning they have no understanding of whether they’re successfully hitting the mark with their target audience.

7. Get discovered with backlinks

Pages ranking in the top position have 168% more backlinks than pages ranking fifth, SEO must become a part of a finance brand’s marketing strategy.

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