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5 years of the Financial Marketer

5 years of the Financial Marketer


4 years ago

From the publisher

4 years ago


As we draw to the end of 2020 we thought it timely to mark the fifth year of the Financial Marketer to acknowledge all of our journalists, subject experts and contributors for their fantastic work and thank our readers and followers for making it possible.

In June 2015 what started as a post to kickstart our agency blog has now blossomed into a flourishing multi-channel trade publication dishing up insights, news and tactics to almost 55,000 finance marketers and professionals globally in 2020.

Helping marketers navigate the changing landscape of modern finance marketing

While the Financial Marketer started from very humble beginnings, what has been consistent from day one is a commitment to create quality content that educates and informs marketers and comms professionals of the key issues impacting the banking and finance industry.


A flourishing multi-channel trade publication dishing up insights, news and tactics to almost 55,000 finance marketers and professionals globally.


Since launch, more than 500 articles, infographics and research reports have been published to build out a dedicated content hub where industry professionals can find the right news and information to help them navigate the changing landscape of modern finance marketing.

The publication covers everything from marketing strategy and content to social media, search engine optimisation, design and research.

The Financial Marketer’s publishing footprint in 2020

While we knew the bedrock to our publication was anchored in great content we also knew we’d need to create a multi-channel distribution system to reach marketing professionals globally across the retail, wholesale and institutional banking and finance segments.

The Financial Marketer publishing footprint now spans the content hub website with marketers consuming close to 90,000 page views during the year while close to 30,000 emails were sent to subscribers.

LinkedIn serves as our key distribution channel with almost 1,800 company page followers, supplemented by content posting from the executive team that reaches more than 5,600 industry professionals, with X further extending our reach to 10,500 followers.

2020 saw the launch of an ongoing Financial Marketer podcast series on SoundCloud and Spotify in which we interview leading finance marketers and practitioners to canvas their key insights and views on industry challenges and trends.

The Financial Marketer was also accepted into the Google News Network during the year in the marketing publication category and launched its Quora presence to provide the latest strategy insights, tips and how-to’s.

All of the content we create and distribute across social media and digital platforms significantly helps marketers find the Financial Marketer through search. The content has created almost 2,000 search keywords and more than 2,300 backlinks to the publication.

During the year the content generated more than 6.8 million impressions and almost 37,000 clicks to the content hub.

The three largest audience geographies were the USA and Australia attributing more than 20% each, while the UK came in third at close to 15%. The European Union and Asia soaked up the remaining audience during the year.

A finance content marketing agency that practices what it preaches

All of this publishing effort and audience interaction didn’t go unnoticed by industry peers with the Financial Marketer picking up a Content Moguls Asia award and being shortlisted as a Custom Publication finalist at the Mumbrella Publish Awards.      

Lastly, while The Financial Marketer is a trade publication in its own right, it is also a visible sign to marketers and industry practitioners that the agency side of the business – The Dubs – practices what it preaches in finance marketing, content and distribution

If you’re a financial services brand looking to implement an always-on content marketing strategy, get in touch. 

Contribute to the Financial Marketer

The Financial Marketer is an industry publication that addresses the nuances and unique challenges of financial marketing, drawing on our experience at The Dubs, research and industry experts to provide tactics and relevant solutions to marketers. If you’re a financial marketer and would like to contribute to the publication, get in touch.

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