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five killer content marketing tips to kick start 2020

5 killer content marketing tips to kick-start 2020


4 years ago

4 years ago


Disruptive fintechs. The threat of content fatigue. Customers that want to be stars. 2020 brings with it a slew of challenges for financial services content marketing. Conquer them — and you’ll conquer your customers. Cower — and you’ll get stuck in the decade the rest of us have just left behind. 

To help you, we’re getting in early with a bunch of content marketing tips for 2020. Let these light your way to finance marketing victory. 

Disrupt like a fintech: content marketing tip #1

As the Sydney Morning Herald reported in early January, fintechs have their eyes on the big banks’ big money. And it’s not just the way fintechs bank that’s winning over customers. 

It’s also the way they do financial services content marketing. From mixing wine tasting with financial literacy, to hosting conferences on Blockchain, to prioritising dreams over dollars, fintechs are devoted to disruption. 

Even if you’re an established brand, 2020 should be the year you think like a fintech. That means experimenting — be it a webinar with a difference, a blog packed with left-of-field content or a focus on a neglected niche

Even if you’re an established brand, 2020 should be the year you think like a fintech.

Content that doubles as experience: financial services content tip #2

Providing experiences has been on our content marketing tips list since 2018. But, in 2020, you’ll need to consider content as experience. 

Guests to your website are no longer visiting purely to digest information. They’re hoping to feel, connect and immerse themselves — on the spot. 

Some finance brands are one step ahead. In the US, Credit Karma has gone interactive with live finance news sessions, including Q and As. In Ireland, Ulster Bank has been transporting customers into beautiful homes owned by designers, artists and architects — in partnership with the Irish Times. And, all over the world, MasterCard has been inviting customers to #StartSomethingPriceless, by pursuing their passions or important causes.

Finance content that stars customers: tip #3

Content creators, relax! 2020 is your year to strategise, then kick back — and let your customers do the hard yards for you. 

People don’t want merely to absorb your content anymore. They want to star in it. Like Andy Warhol said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

So, why not give your customers a stage before another finance brand does? National Australia (NAB) is already doing it, by inviting prize winners of their 2019 Toyota AFL Grand Final giveaway to share their stories in candid videos. And Prudential has made an 18,000-kilometre road trip around the US to get to know no fewer than 3,000 Americans. 

Augmented reality: financial content marketing tip #4

Why settle for reality when you can improve upon it? By 2022, 3.5 billion people will use augmented reality (AR), generating $15 billion worth of AR ads on social media, according to Convince and Convert

Don’t want to miss out on your piece of the pie? Dig into this content marketing tip now. 

One bank that’s already feasting is Deutsche, which, in late 2018, set up this AR experience in a shopping mall. Passers-by played soccer, went surfing and met a unicorn. Meanwhile, Axis Bank, India’s third biggest private sector bank, features AR on its app, helping customers to find their way to nearby branches, ATMs and restaurants. 

Values, values, values: financial services content tip #5

Over the past few years, global trust in the financial services industry has taken a hit. At the same time, consumers have become more and more worried about the ethical consequences of spending their money — and keen to invest in companies that do the right thing.

In 2020, rebuilding trust and demonstrating your ethics will be vital to financial services content marketing. 

For inspiration, look to The Hartford’s commitment to social justice in the US, Nationwide’s stance against racism in the UK and BetaShare’s dedication to educating their customers in Australia.

Do our content marketing tips have you raring to start the year anew? Need a hand launching your finance content marketing strategy? Get in touch

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