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Top 3 Finance Content Marketing Examples in Australia

Top 3 Finance Content Marketing Examples in Australia


2 years ago

2 years ago


The top Australian finance content marketing examples are showcasing the importance of creating content tailored to their target audience. With an increasing demand for digital content over traditional advertising methods, it’s important your finance brand adapts quickly by producing a high-quality, always-on content program. In fact, content marketing in Australia gets 3x more leads than paid search advertising. So, what can we learn from the top Australian finance content marketing examples?

Westpac: Educating consumers through finance content marketing

Westpac has created an educational content hub, known as the Davidson Institute, that’s designed to empower people and businesses to build financial confidence. Balancing snackable bite-sized content with webinars and longer-form pieces, Westpac has created a platform that’s accessible to all consumers wanting to improve their financial literacy.

Educational content should be a part of all finance brands’ content marketing, whether they’re from Australia or not, with 62% of the world being financially illiterate. Understanding your target audience and creating educational content tailored to their concerns is paramount to creating a strong content program. Additionally, content needs to be easy to understand and easily accessible with a user-friendly design.

“ Content marketing in Australia gets 3x more leads than paid search advertising.”

What can we learn?

What Westpac has done differently is provide relatable content to a wide variety of consumers, from young adults to retirees. By creating a content hub that utilises a hub-and-spoke model, the information they create remains easily accessible and tailored to specific audiences.

A hub-and-spoke model not only helps Westpac’s SEO it also structures the site in a way that can cater to a wide range of audiences. Users can click through to the section of the site specifically tailored to their circumstances, such as ‘retirement planning’ or ‘Growing your business’. This enables Westpac to become an authority in financial education helping to build trust, with 55% of adults agreeing they would trust a bank more if it produced helpful content.

Up Bank: Catering to the younger consumer

Digital banking app, Up Bank, has utilised transparency and a unique brand voice within their content marketing strategy to great success. While often banks and finance brands will be secretive around their new product and updates, Up Bank has flipped this on its head by sharing the brand’s progression through blog posts, interactive infographics (‘The Tree of Up’), and monthly emails. Rather than just simply presenting this information as bland bullet points, they have integrated humour and an engaging tone of voice, which they carry across the brand’s platforms and content.

What can we learn?

The transparent content Up Bank release enables consumers to be taken on a journey. Rather than alienating and scaring consumers, this transparent finance content marketing strategy has seen great success, with Up becoming one of the fastest-growing banks in Australia. It’s also built a loyal and trusting consumer base, with 94% of customers being more likely to show loyalty to a brand that offers complete transparency.

Taking a different approach to the usual professional tone of voice many finance brands take, Up Bank’s fun, personalised and engaging style and unique graphics captures audiences’ attention and speaks to the Millennial and Gen Z consumer. Up personalises every aspect of content they send out and always writes in a way that’s easy to understand. This makes their content relatable and distinctive helping to build brand awareness, with 72% of consumers saying they only engage with personalised messaging.

HBF: finance content marketing tailored to dads

HBF, an Australian health insurance provider, has taken a unique approach to its finance content marketing by targeting a micro-niche audience. Their Direct Advice for Dads, is a web page housing content written by dads for dads, about a range of topics (not just financial ones). With minimal branding across the site, HBF has focused entirely on producing high-quality, educational, and valuable content for consumers.

What can we learn?

While there’s a lot of content designed and tailored to mothers online, HBF saw a gap in the market in providing advice for fathers. This became a great opportunity for HBF to stand out from the crowd and reach a market that lacked tailored and personalised content. Lacking considerable branding, HBF has instead focused on delivering value to audiences adopting a customer-centric approach, helping to create authentic connections with consumers.

Overall, HBF showcases the importance of tailoring finance content marketing strategies to niche audiences and delivering value to consumers.

Learning lessons from Australia’s top finance content marketing examples

Content marketing plays an important role in capturing the attention of audiences, nurturing new leads, and building both brand trust and loyalty. Westpac, Up Bank and HBF, all highlight the importance of a tailored content marketing strategy. By creating valuable content that’s easy to understand and engaging, your finance brand can build a captivated audience and form authentic relationships for years to come.

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