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Top 10 global asset managers on social media


6 years ago

6 years ago


Each quarter, The Dubs delves into the social media activity of the major players in a number of key industries. This month, we’ve placed a global lens over the asset management industry. Our in-house research provides a measure of the presence each institution has on social media, the engagement of their audiences, and ultimately the impact they have in the social space.

Top 10 – Global asset managers give major brands a run for their money

What stands out most in this report is the social media activity of the top 10 global asset managers gives mainstream retail brands a run for their money. Each of the global asset managers featured has a mature and sophisticated social strategy, and when compared to other financial sectors, their volume of social output is in another league.

Leading the charge, Franklin Templeton Investments had the highest number of posts across all channels, collectively posting 2,013 times or 23 posts on average per day.

Equally unique, when compared to the rest of the finance industry, almost all of the top 10 were active on all channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, X and YouTube. The only outlier being J.P Morgan Asset Management which opted not to have a Facebook page and instead focus its attention on LinkedIn, and Carmignac which recorded no activity on YouTube.

LinkedIn – sophisticated and savvy

Again, proving that asset managers on a whole are a socially savvy group, even the smallest of performers has a larger following than top performers in other industries we’ve explored, with the average sitting at a cool 102,045 followers. Despite being most active during this period, Oppenheimer funds fell short in terms of its reach, ranking 7th, suggesting that its content may not be hitting the mark with the audience. This compares to top-ranked BlackRock whose 76 posts over the period contributed to a 378,917 strong following. Given the professional and sophisticated nature of these businesses, it’s understandable that LinkedIn would rank as the 2nd most used channel for asset managers.

X – Top performers across the board

The social channel with the largest reach, the global asset managers are using X in a similar fashion to a Reuters news feed, Franklin Templeton Investments posted a whopping 30 Tweets per day and the average was 6 Tweets per day including weekends. Clearly effective the average following for these accounts is 134,000 followers. Evidence of the social sophistication amongst this group, almost all the global asset managers have regional X accounts, indicating an understanding of the need to speak to each unique audience.

Facebook – Franklin Templeton knows how to draw a crowd

Given Franklin Templeton’s strong retail focus compared to its international counterparts, it makes sense that Franklin Templeton would have such a large Facebook following by comparison – one that’s 13 times greater than the other 9 global asset managers combined. Not a key focus for the majority of the global asset managers, all but J.P Morgan Asset Management are maintaining a Facebook presence.

YouTube – The ugly duckling

Like many of the financial industries, global asset managers aren’t well subscribed on YouTube. Given the wealth amongst this group, global asset managers are well placed to show the rest of the finance industry how to crack and capitalise on this channel.

Research is what we do

Research is at the core of everything we do at The Dubs – from strategy, through to content creation, distribution, social sharing and our own digital processes.

As well as keeping us at the forefront of our own industry, we conduct research on the industries in which our clients operate – asset management, general insurance, health insurance, super funds, retail banking, life insurance, and more.

If you are interested in a custom report that benchmarks your organisation against your competitors, contact us to find out more.

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