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Top 10 CEO profiles 2023 edition

Top 10 CEO LinkedIn Profiles for Finance Brands 2023


1 year ago

1 year ago


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a CEO LinkedIn profile is a key channel for communication that should be harnessed by finance brands. By ensuring companies’ leaders share insightful knowledge and information, while remaining personable, it can help gain the trust of clients and improve brand awareness globally. CEO LinkedIn profiles are a great way to promote the brand and represent its values.

Having identified the factors that make up the perfect CEO LinkedIn profile, here is our third instalment of identifying high-value finance CEO LinkedIn profiles.

Top ten CEO LinkedIn profiles

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder, Ellevest

Posting a few times a week, Sallie Krawcheck’s LinkedIn profile offers high-quality economic insights with a focus on women’s rights and issues. Her LinkedIn is perfectly aligned with the values and mission of Ellevest, highlighting a great example of personal branding. Balancing her regular sharing of educational content with personal business insights and life updates, Sallie manages to promote Ellevest without de-humanising her platform.

Nicolai Tangen, CEO, Norges Bank Investment Management

Nicolai Tangen has a unique approach to LinkedIn, through which we get a good taste of his own personality. He combines humorous posts and book recommendations, with commentary on Norges’ take on the state of the market, and outtakes from his podcast, In Good Company (his guests include Bill Gates and Nandan Nilekani). Tangen regularly interacts with his community, and writes posts in both English and Norwegian keeping his content authentic and helping him to reach a wider audience.

“ By ensuring companies’ leaders share insightful knowledge and information, while remaining personable, it can help gain the trust of clients and improve brand awareness globally.”

Jane Fraser, CEO, Citi

Jane Fraser frequently posts value-driven thought leadership as well as reshares Citi posts that include her unique ideas on her LinkedIn profile. Frequently commenting and liking colleagues’ and other industry leaders’ posts boosts her profile and highlights her support helping to humanise her. Garnering high engagement for every post, Jane has tapped into what her audience wants to see.

C.S Venkatakrishnan, CEO, Barclays

While a majority of C.S Venkatakrishnan’s LinkedIn activity is made up of reposting, commenting and liking content from Barclays, he does share vulnerable content such as his battle with blood cancer. This vulnerability humanises Venkatakrishnan promoting him as an authentic leader while simultaneously enabling him to use his platform for good by providing the opportunity to fundraise and share important information regarding cancer.

Philipp Rickenbacher, CEO, Bank Julius Baer and Co

Philipp Rickenbacher is, as he should be, Julius Baer and Co’s greatest ambassador. Adopting a more traditional approach to LinkedIn, he shares updates from his company with his own unique stance, and moments from his professional life. Rickenbacher is working towards establishing himself as a thought leader in the leadership space by sharing video content on topics such as work-life balance. Utilising quality, original photographs and videos to accompany each of his posts, this helps to garner engagement from his followers.

Thasunda Brown Duckett, President and CEO, TIAA

Thasunda Brown Duckett regularly shares quality, original content and thought leadership via LinkedIn. Releasing value-driven thought leadership articles once a month, she offers educational content that’s targeted at both first-time and experienced investors. Additionally, in line with the values of TIAA, Thasunda shares vital information and starts meaningful conversations around issues facing black Americans and women generally. The high interaction with each of her posts clearly indicates her content is making an impact amongst audiences.

Carmine Di Sibio, CEO and Global Chairman, Ernst & Young

Carmine Di Sibio offers high-quality content that’s value-driven and insightful. Regularly sharing thought leadership, Carmine offers both educational and interesting insights into key financial topics. He balances this long-form content with personal insights into his family life as well as starting intriguing conversations about financial topics, leadership and business innovation. By focusing on starting conversations and sharing personal moments, Carmine enables a safe space for other leaders and users to discuss topics of importance.

David Solomon, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs

David Solomon utilises his profile to promote the efforts and achievements of Goldman Sachs alongside his personal speaking and business opportunities. Presenting a professional persona, David regularly shares new content while also frequently interacting with content that promotes the brand. Sharing professional images from events and intriguing thought leadership helps keep his feed engaging to users.

David Liao, Co-Chief Executive, HSBC Asia Pacific

David Liao provides value-driven thought leadership and key insights into the Asia Pacific region. With a focus on his region, David offers tailored content that provides specific insights into this particular global region. Furthermore, he regularly likes and comments on posts from HSBC and colleagues promoting the brand and ensuring his values align. With strong engagement on each of his posts, his profile clearly offers value to LinkedIn users.

Anne Richards, CEO, Fidelity Investments Singapore

Anne Richards utilises her LinkedIn profile to promote Fidelity Investments Singapore initiatives and progress the achievements of women within the financial sector. In addition, she regularly writes and shares articles that speak to timely economic events. Anne regularly likes, comments and shares posts from her colleagues and peers, which actively helps to humanise her profile and connect her to a broader audience.

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