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The value of unique content for advisers when you're a super fund

The value of unique content for advisers when you’re a super fund


2 years ago

2 years ago


Traditionally, super fund content has been centred around individual clients rather than financial advisers. However, creating meaningful connections with advisers can help your super fund nurture and convert leads. By simply converting one adviser, you’re also engaging with all of their current and future clients, helping you to expand and build brand trust and loyalty on another level. But how can your super fund create unique content that makes an impact?

Why your super fund can’t forget about financial advisers

While financial advisers are a niche audience, creating unique and engaging content can have a positive impact on your super fund. Most super funds, especially industry super funds, aren’t creating content for advisers, making this a prime opportunity for you to gain a competitive edge.

“ Creating value-driven adviser content about topics tailored to their interests and needs can help you nurture and convert leads, and build both brand trust and awareness.”

Creating value-driven adviser content about topics tailored to their interests and needs can help you nurture and convert leads, and build both brand trust and awareness. With over 17,000 financial advisers across Australia and 41% of Australians looking to get personal financial advice, there’s ample opportunity for your super fund to make long-lasting connections that will benefit client retention and your bottom line.

How to make unique content that hits

Just like with your regular content program, adviser content must be tailored to your target demographic’s needs and provide valuable information. Don’t make adviser content for the sake of making it. Rather, place time and resources into producing unique adviser content that’s engaging and professional.

Your unique content should be:

  • Timely and provide key information
  • Easy to understand and engaging
  • Delivered in a variety of formats (editorials, webinars, infographics, social media posts and videos)
  • Tailored and personalised
  • Educational
  • Published on a consistent schedule

At the heart of it, your adviser content should be useful and educational. Creating content about a breadth of topics, from how to pass the financial adviser exam to market updates, will ensure you cater to all advisers while keeping content engaging.

Super funds doing unique content well

Both Colonial First State and Australian Ethical Super have nailed adviser content.

Colonial First State’s ‘Adviser Hub’ has a variety of tailored content, from webinars to podcasts to thought leadership helping to keep information fresh and engaging. It also publishes content weekly, helping to nurture leads and build meaningful connections with advisers.

What makes its unique content truly stand out is its dedicated LinkedIn adviser hub. Unlike other super funds, Colonial First State publishes content on social media helping to create a more ‘human’ connection with advisers and ensure their content is easy to find and engage with. Rather than having it solely live on their website, they are publishing content where advisers regularly hang out.

Australian Ethical Super’s ‘Adviser Insights’ section also produces value-driven content that’s engaging and tailored to financial advisers. While still in its infancy (so it could increase its publication frequency), it has a mixture of content that discusses market insights and information specific to advisers.

What makes its unique content truly great is its video INSights and INDepth series. These videos are a Q&A style series with industry experts, helping to present Australian Ethical Super as authorities in the space helping to build trust and loyalty. As the names suggest, their INSights series are short 2-5 minute videos that are easy to understand about specific topics and their INDepth series are around 1 hour where they dive into a complex topic. With the focus on education, these videos are a great example of different ways super funds are producing adviser content.

What super funds can learn

With most super funds doing adviser content being retail super funds, there remains a large gap in the market for industry super funds. This presents a prime opportunity for industry super funds to get ahead of the curve and create content that connects with advisers, builds brand awareness and fosters trust.

Overall, unique content needs to be tailored to the specific target demographic, provide valuable information and be engaging in format. Keeping content simple and easy to understand will ensure your super fund publishes content that connects with advisers.

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