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The Science of Content Recycling


7 years ago

7 years ago


Content is still king, but how do you maintain your royal domain among so many monarchs? Drive home your message with strategically reusable content that’s integrated across platforms.

The magic seven

Marketers say a message has to be reinforced seven times before anyone is motivated to take action.
That may be why, according to a report by Curata, 29% of leading content marketers systematically reuse content. Just as with paper, cans and compost, content, too, can shapeshift into a renewable resource. Reconstituting your best content and posts will engage new audiences and generate traffic.


Spend less time on content creation and more on publicising, curating and reinforcing content. Bank of America has three distinct X feeds with content that can appear on one, or across all three. This feeds into their website, app, and a massive YouTube presence with channels on home DIY tips, the brand’s CSR commitment to veterans, and snappy how-easy-is-our-app vids featuring a llama which adds value to people’s lives and reinforces the same information across multiple digital platforms.

Listen and respond

Prove you’re listening to your audience by responding to the content they’re most interested in and engaged with. Answer questions or concerns with a FAQ, a testimonial press release, and/or create a video that also reiterates your message.

Add a fresh twist

You may feel you’re being repetitive, but adding a fresh twist to old content provides value across the board. Marvel recycles the same superheroes, but each iteration arrives with its own update, charms, and, importantly, built-in audience. Marvel’s universe consists of more than comics and films – but also related blog posts, toys, video games, interviews, news, behind the scenes podcasts, and social media content for both the brand and characters. Revamp content that has worked in the past – but be sure to scrub any dated mentions of Friendster or AOL. Since your traffic has grown, it’s likely a lot of people missed the earlier instalment. Don’t be afraid to reissue, retweet, and remind consumers, industry tastemakers and publications about valuable content they may have missed.

Just as with paper, cans and compost, content, too, can shapeshift into a renewable resource

Chase new angles

Look at your old content with an eye toward new angles. Current events in the news may now make your content more relevant than ever. Revise and reissue. Inside a larger post may be a tagline or defining quote that can be reworked into a catchphrase, or turned into a meme to share across social. Much like you personalise email for a specific audience, different consumers respond in different ways. Your website may not be seen by someone who only listens to podcasts. Visual learners prefer an infographic to a webinar. Adapt content across multiple platforms – and then compile it into an e-book that makes you the definitive industry expert.

It may need to be heard seven times, but in content there is no such thing as over-exposure. Long may your content reign.

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