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The information gap asset managers should fill

The information gap asset managers should fill


3 years ago

3 years ago


Research conducted by The Dubs in partnership with the global native ad platform Dianomi, has revealed three key areas asset managers are under delivering for clients. This is critical for your asset management firm to understand as it offers a prime opportunity for you to create a meaningful connection with investors.

This information gap has formed in these three key areas: ETF’s, cryptocurrency and commodities. These topics are the most sought after, yet the least delivered by asset management firms, revealing a misalignment with what clients want and what asset managers think they want. While your asset management firm may not specialise in these asset classes, by providing high-quality information about them you can capture the attention of clients and generate leads, trust, brand awareness and growth opportunities.

The information gap offers opportunity

An information gap is also an opportunity gap. By identifying the areas where global asset managers are under delivering, this research presents the perfect opportunity for asset managers to gain a competitive advantage.

“ This clear divide between what investors want information on and what asset managers are actually supplying reveals an area for growth and value. ”

What The Dubs and Dianomi have found is that the topics which aren’t being provided are also the most sought after information clients want. While ETF’s have the highest amount of intrigue from clients they only make up 6.06% of articles produced by global asset managers. Looking into this further, you find that while cryptocurrency and commodities are the 2nd and 4th most searched for asset classes, they only make up 2.96% and 6.06% of global asset managers’ content. At the other end of the scale, the 3rd most searched asset class, equities, accounts for 28.65% of global asset managers’ content and the 9th most searched asset class accounts for almost twice as much as ETFs.

This clear divide between what investors want information on and what asset managers are actually supplying reveals an area for growth and value. Recognising what your target audience wants to understand is critical to capturing an audience and continuing to generate new and meaningful leads.

How to fill the information gaps

Understanding where your asset management firm is under delivering is the first step to creating a stronger content marketing strategy. Shifting your focus from writing content on your asset management firm’s products and services to what your audience is searching for is crucial to generating trust and loyalty from current and potential clients.

Filling in the information gaps within the asset management industry is all about giving your brand a voice that reflects the interests of investors. By increasing your content on ETFs, cryptocurrency and commodities, or any other area which is under delivered, you can capture the intrigue of new investors, demonstrate thought leadership, and help nurture web visitors to eventually convert them into clients.

Ensuring you outperform your competition in terms of content creation is all about reallocating resources and restructuring your content calendar to reflect these valuable areas for growth.

Why asset managers should care

Investing can be a stressful and uncertain experience making it paramount your asset management firm can gain clients’ trust and loyalty. Creating content about what investors want is a great way of doing this. Articles, thought leadership, social media presence, and videos which align with your target audience can improve your reputation and build greater brand awareness. Striving for an always-on content strategy which addresses this information gap through high-quality and valuable information is a great way for asset managers to capture the attention of investors, generating a meaningful lead that can then be nurtured and encouraged to purchase your products and services.

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