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How to tackle sensitive topics in finance content marketing

How to tackle sensitive topics in finance content marketing


4 years ago

4 years ago


Unfortunately, finance content marketing isn’t only about advice on saving for a dreamy retirement and insights that help support client and customer aspirations. 

It’s sometimes necessary to delve into the more difficult aspects of money—from financial abuse, to problem gambling, and preparing for illness, accidents and death. 

While it might seem easier to steer well clear of these topics, there’s both an opportunity and a duty to be fulfilled here. Finance brands can support vulnerable customers by delivering compassionate content that addresses their concerns and offers connections with the community. 

Here, we take a look at finance brands around the world tacking sensitive topics in finance content marketing with tact.

Finance content that tackles the sensitive topic of financial abuse

In Australia, 15.7% of women and 7.1% of men have experienced financial abuse, as have 90% of those who seek help for domestic violence.

In the US, seniors lose at least $2.6 billion a year to financial abuse, and yet only one in 44 cases is reported, and in the UK, 1- 2% of people aged over 65 have suffered it.

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has intensified its commitment to those who suffer financial abuse with New Chapter, an innovative program that includes services, support, resources and research. So far, the bank has launched the Community Wellbeing team, which expects to help more than 125,000 customers over the next five years, and funded the Good Shepherd’s Financial Independence Hub, which provides coaching and interest-free loans.

While it might seem easier to steer well clear of sensitive topics in finance content marketing, there’s both an opportunity and a duty to be fulfilled here.

Finance content that deals with gambling addiction

One in 143 people in England identify as problem gamblers, while one in 28 are at low or moderate risk of developing a problem with gambling

Meanwhile, Australians lose more money to gambling per capita than any other nation in the world—at $1,200+ per person per year.

The UK’s NatWest bank has addressed this concern head on with the Gambling Block, a feature within the NatWest app which enables customers to lock their accounts from gambling transactions, and an accompanying online hub, which offers advice, such as how to self-exclude from gambling venues and websites, and links to services, including the National Gambling Helpline. 

In 2020, NatWest is going further with the nationwide rollout of a scheme that provides customers with in-branch access to gambling counsellors, delivered in partnership with GamCare.


Finance content that deals with illnesses, accidents and death

When it comes to finance content that addresses illnesses, accidents and death, insurance brands are the leading examples. After all, they deal with these difficult matters daily.

In the United States, AIG has been helping customers by simplifying life insurance with clever, animated videos that break down the application process into clear, achievable steps, while Ameritas has been demonstrating the importance of life insurance through videos that tell personal stories of loss, such as this one about Remi Hahn who lost her husband at the age of 41 to a rare form of cancer, and this one about Dr Ken Byrd who was left with a total and permanent disability following a plane crash.

In Australia, TAL Insurance uses its Slice of Life blog to strike the balance between educating customers on the more technical and serious side of life insurance and encouraging Australians to live a safe and protected life to the full with engaging lifestyle content. [Full disclaimer: TAL is one of our clients]

When it comes to tackling sensitive topics in finance content marketing it’s a tactful art that we’re well-versed in at The Dubs. Get in touch

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