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Learning the ropes of LinkedIn marketing

Learning the ropes of LinkedIn marketing


3 years ago

From the publisher

3 years ago


A trusted source of information that goes far beyond its original iteration as a professional network, LinkedIn is a key tenet of most, if not all the content and distribution programs we run for our clients. Whether your audience is B2B or B2C, we’ve gone back into the archives to help financial marketers learn the ropes of LinkedIn marketing.

To begin with we go straight to the source to find out what content works best for finance brands on LinkedIn before delving into the LinkedIn marketing tools that are most relevant for finance brands and the tactics financial marketers can employ to extend their reach and impact on the platform.

The content that works and how to measure it

LinkedIn tells what content works best for finance brands

LinkedIn’s head of marketing ANZ, Ben Eatwell, shares what content works best for finance brands.

Content on LinkedIn: finance brands win back trust

With trust in business on the decline globally, financial brands need to counteract and rebuild customer trust, with the help of content on LinkedIn.

The value of dwell time in the eyes of the LinkedIn algorithm

A finance brand that knows its way around the LinkedIn algorithm has a far greater chance of getting its posts prioritised in members’ feeds and minds. Here’s how to tailor your activity to gain maximum visibility and ROI.

How to measure the effectiveness of social media marketing
The Dubs social media experts answer the common questions financial marketers face when measuring the impact of social media marketing.

The LinkedIn Marketing tools and tactics best-suited to finance brands

Why ABM is a perfect match for B2B lead generation

Tried and tested, The Dubs media Director, Andrew Frith tells why ABM is his proven pick for B2B lead generation and how it works.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Sponsored Content
Not sure how to get the most out of your sponsored content? LinkedIn’s Sarah demystifies the process of getting the most out of your next campaign.

“ LinkedIn’s Sarah Little demystifies the process of getting the most out of your next campaign.”

LinkedIn Live takes video streaming pro
LinkedIn adds another string to its highly credible bow with Linkedin Live video functionality.

LinkedIn Showcase vs LinkedIn Life for finance brands
In LinkedIn’s expanding repertoire of tools, we look at where LinkedIn Showcase and LinkedIn Life pages could sit in your finance content marketing strategy.

Should financial marketers be early adopters of LinkedIn Stories?
As LinkedIn continues to evolve, the launch of LinkedIn Stories offers financial marketers an opportunity to build more personal connections on the platform.

At The Dubs LinkedIn marketing is our bread and butter, get in touch.

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