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Inside Fidelity’s Women Talk Money community


3 weeks ago

From the publisher

3 weeks ago


In the realm of financial services, Fidelity Investments has carved out a unique space with its Women Talk Money community. This innovative initiative empowers women with tailored financial knowledge while achieving broader brand objectives such as improved loyalty and awareness. With Fidelity research indicating that 40% of women surveyed want to be doing more with their money, Women Talk Money delivers on a direct need amongst Fidelity’s existing and potential client base. Having seen a 19% increase in the number of women reaching out for guidance since 2019, Fidelity Investments is leveraging the community to build on this momentum. Let’s delve deeper into the strategic maneuvers behind this community and how they merge to drive engagement and brand loyalty.

Understanding the funnel strategy for Women Talk Money

  • Awareness stage:
    At the outset, Fidelity aims to capture the attention of its target audience by creating compelling content that resonates with women’s financial needs and aspirations like savings, maternity leave and the gender pay gap. This content is strategically designed to spark interest and initiate conversations around financial empowerment driving through to the community. Whether it’s blog posts, social media campaigns, or videos, Fidelity leverages various channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, video and in-person events to broaden its reach and establish itself as a thought leader in women’s finance.
  • Consideration stage:
    Having captured the audience’s attention, Fidelity focuses on nurturing leads and guiding them through the consideration phase. Here, the Women Talk Money community plays a pivotal role by offering valuable resources such as webinars, workshops, and interactive tools. Additionally, the community space has opened up room for quality discussions with many women commenting questions on their Instagram with Fidelity experts answering them. These resources not only educate women about financial planning but also foster a sense of community and support, encouraging deeper engagement with Fidelity’s brand.
  • Conversion stage:
    As leads progress further down the funnel, Fidelity strategically introduces its products and services tailored to women’s financial needs. Through personalised recommendations and targeted messaging, the company aims to convert leads into loyal customers. Whether it’s retirement planning, investment strategies, or wealth management, Fidelity positions itself as a trusted partner committed to helping women achieve their financial goals.
  • “ Fidelity’s Women Talk Money community stands as a testament to the power of strategic funnel tactics in achieving brand objectives.”

    Tactical integration

  • Content marketing:
    Fidelity’s content strategy revolves around creating informative and engaging content that addresses the specific concerns and interests of women in finance. From articles on budgeting tips to podcasts featuring successful female investors, the content resonates with the audience and drives traffic to the Women Talk Money community.
  • Social media and influencer partnerships:
    To amplify its message and reach a broader audience, Fidelity leverages social media platforms and collaborates with influential figures in the finance and female empowerment space. By partnering with influencers who share its values, Fidelity enhances its credibility and fosters authentic connections with potential customers.
  • Search and performance marketing:
    In addition to organic reach, Fidelity invests in search marketing and performance-based advertising to target users actively seeking financial advice and services. By optimising its digital presence and leveraging data-driven insights, the company ensures that its message reaches the right audience at the right time, maximising conversion opportunities.
  • Native advertising and media partnerships:
    To further expand its reach and visibility, Fidelity explores native advertising opportunities and forms strategic partnerships with media outlets catering to women’s interests such as investing, retirement planning with the financial gender gap and the cost of leaving the workforce. By integrating seamlessly into the content ecosystem, Fidelity’s messages feel less intrusive and more relevant to the audience, driving higher engagement and brand affinity.
  • Fidelity’s Women Talk Money community stands as a testament to the power of strategic funnel tactics in achieving brand objectives. Through a holistic approach that combines content, distribution, and targeted marketing efforts, Fidelity not only educates and empowers women in finance but also cultivates lasting relationships with its audience.

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