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How to repurpose investment research for content marketing

How to repurpose investment research for content marketing


1 year ago

1 year ago


Creating and publishing high-quality investment research is an essential part of every asset manager’s content program, but how can you use it better? Through repurposing existing research, asset managers can increase organic traffic and improve their content marketing strategies. Your research deserves more airtime. Ensure you make the most of it by adopting a multichannel and multimedia approach.

Benefits for asset managers

Research and the publishing of whitepapers are vital parts of every asset manager’s content strategy. In fact, 63% of B2B companies identify white papers as one of the most effective forms of content they use in their organisation’s marketing collateral.

“ Repurposing investment research for content marketing purposes can increase content reach and reach new audiences.”

Today, a study by Accenture found that B2B customers are 57% through the buying process before the first meeting with a company representative. This means the information you provide clients needs to be high-quality, educational and assert your authority within the industry.

However, simply publishing your investment research via a downloadable PDF lacks foresight and limits your reach. Time, effort and money play a large part in producing valuable research. To make the most out of it, your finance brand should repurpose it into HTML articles or other mixed-media formats.

Overall, repurposing research for content marketing can help your asset management firm improve:

Investment research tips and tricks

Taking key pieces of information from your investment research and reworking it into easily-digestible HTML articles is the most effective means of increasing your SEO performance.

As well as this, considering other media formats such as video and podcast is a way to engage audiences in new places. Your asset management firm should consider how your research can fit throughout your entire content marketing strategy. Posting a variety of content in different mediums helps to ensure your marketing strategy remains fresh, engaging and appealing to a broader range of clients.

The Dubs weighs in

As Sadiye Booker from The Dubs explains, “Repurposing investment research for content marketing purposes can help your brand reach new audiences”.

“By repurposing content, there is a huge benefit to scale at a faster rate,” she adds.

Rather than feeling like you have to reinvent the wheel every time you produce new content, keep it simple. Use your quality and valuable research to optimise your strategy and ensure it reaches a wider audience.

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