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How asset managers can effectively distribute content

How asset managers can effectively distribute content


2 years ago

2 years ago


If you build an island resort, what good is the resort if you don’t build a bridge to get there? In the same way, what good is high-value content if no one sees it? A great marketing strategy doesn’t stop at content creation. You also need to consider how you will distribute content

Distribution must also be considered in order to gain engagement and effectively nurture leads. Understanding your audiences, what type of content and what platforms you’re creating content for are all important things you need to consider. Here we break down how your asset management firm can nail content distribution so you can nurture prospective leads.

Omnichannel marketing to distribute content

To gain leads, convert clients and build brand awareness, it’s critical your asset management firm adopts an omnichannel marketing approach. This simply means you should be creating and distributing content across a range of platforms such as social media, email marketing, blog posts etc…

No two investors are the same, so it’s important your asset management firm considers a multitude of ways investors want to interact with your content. This enables you to reach a broader audience, no matter where investors interact with you.

“ If you build an island resort, what good is the resort if you don’t build a bridge to get there? In the same way, what good is high-value content if no one sees it?”

A great way of achieving an omnichannel content distribution strategy is to repurpose and reuse existing content in different ways. This could look like your asset management firm taking an hour-long webinar, and breaking it up into bite-sized videos that can be shared on your socials.

Additionally, it’s also important that your asset management firm builds monitoring tools to identify what content is performing well and what content investors are interacting with. This will help inform not only your content marketing strategy but also the best ways and platforms in which to distribute content.

The importance of a multimedia approach

Not only is an omnichannel approach important, but so is achieving a multimedia strategy. Producing content in just one format is not an effective way to distribute content. Instead, adopting a multimedia approach will see you creating a wide variety of content from blog posts to videos to infographics.

Distributing content in a variety of formats ensures your content remains fresh and engaging for investors.

Key tips and takeaways to help you distribute content effectively

There is a range of factors to consider when creating a content distribution strategy. For asset managers it’s imperative you:

  • Understand your audience, whether that’s institutional, wholesale or retail
  • Identify how your audience consumes content
  • Recognise where you have the largest audience base
  • Create content that aligns with what your audience wants
  • Know how your audience wants to receive specific content and communication

By ensuring you understand these five simple things, your content distribution strategy can effectively nurture leads and build meaningful connections with investors.

While the content you produce is important, it’s also critical you not only share it via the right channels but also at the right times. Utilise your investor engagement data to build a strong strategy that communicates the right information when it’s most effective.

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