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What financial advisers need from asset management content

What financial advisers need from asset management content


5 years ago

5 years ago


The role of a financial adviser is to support clients to achieve their financial goals, offering guidance on the investment strategies and solutions most likely to get them there.

If a financial adviser is going to include an asset manager’s products within this recommended mix, they need to have a comprehensive understanding of what is offered and be equipped to confidently speak to the role these recommendations will play in their clients’ portfolios – herein lies the value of asset management content.

Not just a case of understanding the products and solutions on offer, advisers also need to have a clear sense of the firm’s experience and expertise to take back to the discussions they have with clients. They need to have confidence in every element of your brand.

In the competitive world of global asset management, content that educates and assist advisers to have more meaningful conversations with clients is key to leading in the market.

Going beyond the traditional product brochure

If asset and wealth managers want to empower advisers to have higher level conversations about their services, you need to go beyond typical brochures and fact sheets. While this content provides a good reference point and summary, advisers need guidance on how this best fits into their client’s portfolio mix.

If asset and wealth managers want to empower advisers to have higher level conversations about their services, you need to go beyond typical brochures and fact sheets.

Instead, asset managers should opt for video content, high-quality infographics, articles and blog posts, how-to guides, whitepapers, market commentary and case studies to demonstrate the strength of their investment knowledge and expertise. Shared via social as well as direct to advisers, this should include a mix of content that is quick and easily digestible, along with content that is more in-depth, showcasing the thought leadership of the brand.

Asset management content examples

Far from being a direct promotion of your asset management or wealth management brand, the content produced should first and foremost serve to address the common questions posed by advisers and their clients. It is through the value this content offers advisers in their face-to-face interactions with clients that you build brand equity. Here we look at some of the different types to consider when looking to better support financial advisers.

Case Studies
How can this help my portfolio? That’s a question a financial adviser will hear regularly. If he or she can pull out a case study detailing how asset management services helped another client, it builds credibility in the asset managers’ offering.

Wealth manager, Greshman Partners offers a series of compelling case studies outlining various scenarios a financial adviser could highlight for a client when discussing wealth management services.

Articles or blog posts are a standard way to share information. Ensure that articles go beyond basic information related to asset management topics to include valuable industry information.

M&G Investments offers a blog, Bond Vigilantes, that solely features articles by experts in bond markets with up to 34 years of experience in the industry with specialties ranging from macroeconomics to European credit and high yield corporate bonds. A financial adviser could regularly review this content to evaluate the company’s knowledge, understanding, and skillset related to corporate bonds, commodities, mergers and acquisitions and more.

There’s a lot of research and data that informs asset management funds and investment strategies, so an infographic is an effective way to condense the content into an easily digestible, manageable, and understandable format. Choose various topics related to offerings, benefits, client wins, and valuable information that puts into context the current economic environment.

Schroders summarises a range of information into easily understandable and valuable infographics, delving into the world of sustainable investing for example.

By including a mix of relevant and educational content in your marketing mix asset managers will empower financial advisers to look to their brand first and foremost, giving them the tools they need to speak confidently about your service offerings and the beneficial role they can play in their client’s portfolio.

We work with a number of global asset management brands to produce and distribute strategic content that differentiates the brand in market. To learn more about our financial content marketing services, get in touch.

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