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Finance brands killing it on YouTube

Finance brands killing it on YouTube


3 years ago

3 years ago


YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms today, yet only 62% of businesses are using the channel in their marketing mix. SproutSocial reports that after Netflix, YouTube is the second most-preferred platform for viewing videos on TV screens among 18-34-year-olds. With countless finance brands simply using YouTube as a repository for brand ads that fail to generate any real engagement, YouTube offers a lot of eyeballs that could be on your content with the right approach! Financial marketers need to take note of what other great finance brands are doing around the globe and rethink their approach to video content for 2021. 

A channel for education and how tos

If you’re looking for a brand that’s killing it on YouTube, look no further than Australian retail bank National Australia Bank (NAB). NAB boasted the highest number of video views in Australia in December 2020, with a total of 28,069,112 views. 


NAB boasted the highest number of video views in Australia in December 2020, with a total of 28,069,112 views. 


What’s NAB doing so well to earn these killer stats? Helpful guides and educational content that make customers’ lives a little easier when branches are reducing face-to-face interactions during COVID-19. NAB’s ‘How to…’ video series earlier this year stepped customers through ‘How to access interest statements on internet banking’,  ‘How to change the daily amount you can pay through your NAB app’, ‘How to change your home loan direct debit payment with the NAB app’ and many more useful topics to help customers navigate banking at home. 

A content strategy built around guidance and education is one all financial marketers could learn from and it’s one that’s gaining momentum. SEMrush reported in 2020 that “36% of content marketing teams considered implementing more ‘How to’ guides and educational content as an efficient tactic”.

Reinventing the traditional newsroom

British trading group IG UK has a whopping 49.2K subscribers to its YouTube channel, delivering video content designed to help its audience become more successful traders. The IG UK YouTube channel gives audiences direct access to its analysts with video content focusing on marketing updates, economic commentary and company insights. IG UK’s YouTube channel has a newsroom look and feel with a traditional broadcasting style, interviewing leading industry experts to share their take on global topics such as the US election, the rise of bitcoin and how the COVID-19 vaccine will shape the future. 

Financial marketers could consider adopting a similar newsroom style as a means to showcase internal expertise and thought leadership and encourage subscriptions and regular ongoing audience engagement.

A tongue in cheek approach to YouTube

GEICO Insurance from the US had one of the most viewed ads in 2020 with its Aunt Infestation commercial. The humorous ad was part of a campaign that took a tongue in cheek approach to common issues homeowners have, recreating satirical scenarios such as having a neighbour with a fencing problem (cue sabre baring fencers marching through the living room) and a house with an aunt infestation. 

GEICO knows a thing or two about how to produce killer YouTube content – in 2015, the insurance company picked up a Cannes Lions Grand Prix for its Unskippable campaign, being one of the first brands to embrace the short 15-second YouTube pre-roll slot. GEICO Insurance has shown that humour and comedy attract audiences and drive engagement and shares. 

Finance brands across the globe have shown that YouTube can be used as a killer content stream for a broad mix of content,  be it distributing educational guides or insightful and humorous videos for all to share and enjoy. The finance brands doing it well are taking the art of video production and using it to engage and convert their audience. 

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