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Finance brands guide to targeted social media

Finance brand’s guide to targeted social media


5 years ago

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5 years ago

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We sat down with Tara Cimino, senior paid media specialist at The Dubs, to chat about how a targeted social media distribution strategy can revolutionise your social presence.

What do we mean by a targeted social media campaign?

“Targeted social media works differently from platform to platform,” says Tara, “but it means using social media to engage with a new audience base.”

“When you share your content and thought leadership organically, you are only engaging with your existing followers. You’re relying on them to share or retweet your content to build awareness beyond this limited group of people. A targeted distribution model gets your content in front of a new and relevant audience by targeting individuals based on demographics and insights like their job title or their interests.”

So what are the benefits of a targeted social media campaign?

“A targeted social media campaign offers enormous reach for a limited budget, particularly if you are clear about the audience you’re trying to get in front of,” explains Tara.

“Targeted social media amplifies your content, ensuring you get the greatest ROI from what you have created. For finance brands, thought leadership, videos and infographics can take a great deal of time and effort to produce – targeted social ensures this brilliant content is used as effectively as possible.”

When setting up a targeted social campaign, you should establish goals – these define the action you want the user to take. They could be based on web pages read, products purchased or enquiries made. By looking at your campaigns in real-time, you’ll see what’s working and what needs to be changed. You can optimise campaigns as you go, allowing you to work as effectively as possible.

Targeted social media amplifies your content, ensuring you get the greatest ROI from what you have created.

How can I set my paid media campaign up for success?

“There are certain things brands need to have in place to run a great paid social campaign,” Tara says.

“Firstly, be clear about your target audience and their customer journey. Consider how they use social media in both their professional and private life. Then make sure your website is up to the task. If you’re driving people to your site, make sure it is set up in an intuitive way with clear calls to action – and that you have the right analytics tools in place to measure user activity.”

“Finally, keep an eye on your campaign while it is live. Paid campaigns should be tweaked and optimised as you go. Be sure to keep up with regular reporting so you can learn and share what worked and what could be improved.”

Why should finance brands use paid media?

“One great thing about paid media is how easily it can be edited, adapted and optimised,” says Tara.

“Paid media not only allows finance brands to reach highly relevant audiences and make the most of their content, but it also provides brands with the creative freedom to test new ideas, key messaging and imagery so they stand out from the crowd.”

“We recommend finance brands take a blended social media approach. This means posting organic content as well as amplifying sponsored content. For one of our clients, Aberdeen Standard Investments, (ASI) we started an always-on program across two markets on roughly 10,000 followers. We now amplify content for ASI in more than 20 markets, and have now grown their social following to more than 300,000.”

To get the greatest reach and ROI from your content, contact us about developing a targeted social media strategy for your finance business.

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