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How to nail digital advertising for Singapore finance marketers

Digital advertising for Singapore finance marketers


2 years ago

2 years ago

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Since the pandemic, people in Southeast Asia are spending more time online and utilising digital financial management tools. Owing to this increase in online presence, digital advertising has continued to grow exponentially. In fact, digital ad spending in the region is set to grow by 11.3% to $4.10 billion in 2022, following a massive 17.8% growth rate in 2021. So, how can Singapore financial marketers nail their digital advertising campaigns?

The ins and outs of digital advertising

“ Digital ad spending in the Southeast Asia region is set to grow by 11.3% to $4.10 billion in 2022, following a massive 17.8% growth rate in 2021.”

Digital advertising is a paid media strategy, where marketers target consumers across a broad range of online channels such as social media, search engines and websites. When done right, a paid media strategy can provide vital information for marketers, generate leads and enable your finance brand to reach beyond your organic following.

For finance brands, digital search advertising has an average click-through rate (CTR) of 5.07% making it an important aspect of any Singapore finance marketer’s overall strategy. However, while digital advertising is important it must be accompanied by a strong content marketing strategy.

Digital advertising needs to be supported by content marketing

Singapore finance marketers should accompany their digital ads with an always-on content program. Digital advertising alone isn’t enough to convert clients. While it’s a helpful strategy to generate leads and foster brand awareness, your finance brand needs to create meaningful relationships with potential clients.

Creating a content marketing strategy that’s tailored to your target audience, provides value and offers information clients need will help you push leads downs the acquisition funnel. Content marketing works for you, even after digital ad spending is complete. This is why it’s so important so your leads don’t go to waste.

But how can Singapore finance marketers nail digital ads?

Tips and tricks for Singapore finance marketers

Digital advertising is about capturing the attention of audiences quickly and incentivising them to click through to our website. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get it right:

  • Personalisation – With 72% of consumers saying they only engage with personalised messaging, your finance brand should create tailored ads for your target audience.
  • Target specific market segments – Ensure your digital ads are targeted and caters to what consumers want to see.
  • Create connections with the audience – Forming an emotional connection with your audience can foster brand loyalty, trust and awareness. In fact, customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value and will likely recommend the company at a rate of 71%, instead of the average 45%.

At the end of the day, digital advertising is an important component of any Singapore finance marketer’s overall strategy. While it can help generate leads when done right, it’s important every paid media campaign is supported by an always-on content program.

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