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How to create interactive finance content and why it works

How to create interactive finance content – and why it works


5 years ago

5 years ago


Struggling to keep up with changing behaviours? Lacking the resources to answer every customer’s questions? Wishing your prospects would see you as more human?

An interactive finance content strategy could be the solution. Don’t just invite people to read your content – make sure they’re part of it. Get them to ask questions, share stories and enjoy personalised experiences. That way, they won’t see you as a brand but as a useful service and maybe, just maybe, a welcomed and regular relationship in their life.

81% of respondents surveyed agreed that interactive content “grabs attention more effectively than static content.

The stats prove interaction works. In Deliver Peak Experiences with Interactive Content, a white paper created by the Content Marketing Institute in partnership with ion interactive, 81% of respondents surveyed agreed that interactive content “grabs attention more effectively than static content”.

Interactive finance content examples

1. Going live with Q and A: Credit Karma (US)

Nothing new to see here. Q and A is one of the oldest tools in the interaction playbook. Just ask Socrates, the Ancient Greek philosopher famous for teaching through questioning. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well for him: he was falsely tried for corrupting young minds and sentenced to death by poisoning.

But – more than 2,000 years later – it’s likely to end well for you. Just ask Credit Karma, a San Francisco-based personal finance company that provides free access to credit scores. Founded in 2010, the company now has a whopping 85+ million members.

And interaction is key to its content strategy. Via Facebook live, Credit Karma hosts regular finance news sessions. Short reports on timely issues, like stress spending and the impact of technology on debt, are followed by a live Q and A session during which viewers post questions – and hear answers – in real time. It’s a smart way of creating content, while at the same time, meeting clients’ needs and gleaning their pain points.

2. Delivering personalised financial advice: the Money Advice Service (UK)

Personalisation is all the rage in content marketing. But, how do you deliver it as efficiently as possible? Through interactive content, that’s how. Rather than determining the needs of every single client, then serving content accordingly, invite each to choose their own adventure.

One excellent example is Protecting Your World, a microsite by the UK Government’s Money Advice Service. A cute, clear, interactive graphic invites the user to build a financial self-portrait, by clicking on applicable cartoons, in response to questions like ‘What does your world look like?’ and ‘What do you want to protect?’.

At the end of the journey, the user receives personalised financial advice, covering protections to consider, such as critical illness insurance, life insurance and/or income protection insurance. Navigating through the complexities of multiple policies has never been easier – or more fun. Following the same concept but in a different format, personalised video is a great way to allow customers to choose their own adventure in order to receive tailored outcomes.

3. Inspiring ownership through interactive communities: Bank Australia

Bank Australia’s brand is based on a sense of community, as embodied in the slogan: “The bank with clean money is the bank Australia needs.” And its interactive, community-minded content strategy follows suit.

One of its foundations is the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve, a 927-hectare property, of which every customer is a co-owner. Via the bank’s website, customers can visit the reserve on a virtual tour, exploring the areas that interest them – and accompanying information. This content extends to the real world, through open days and cultural education events, run in partnership with Barengi Gadjin Land Council.

If your content is still in static world, you might not be getting the attention you deserve. Consider inspiring more engagement and boosting more leads through an interactive strategy that turns your customers into fellow content creators. Need a hand? Get in touch.

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