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How content marketing can nurture relationships with investors

Content marketing for asset managers: how to nurture leads


2 years ago

2 years ago


Creating long-term relationships with investors isn’t as simple as sending out one downloadable PDF every quarter. Instead, to nurture leads and foster authentic connections your asset management firm must be producing regular content that’s tailored to your audience and engages them. Content marketing for asset managers is about fostering engagement and connections with investors. Creating a strategic content marketing plan should be a priority for every finance brand, but how can you nail it?

The ins and outs of content marketing for asset managers

For a long time, asset managers have relied on traditional marketing strategies to get the message out and create brand awareness. Today, with the continued rise in digital marketing this isn’t the effective strategy that it used to be.

Digital financial content marketing should be a priority for asset managers. Content marketing can help your asset management firm nurture leads and form authentic connections with investors. In fact, when customers feel connected to a brand 57% of them will increase their spending with that brand and 76% will buy from them over a competitor.

Here are five steps to creating a great content marketing strategy:

  • Understand your audience
  • Identify your goals and objectives
  • Research your clients, competitors and channels
  • Strategise the role content will play in your marketing
  • Distribute your content to your target audience

While creating a content strategy is important, the content itself must also align with your audiences’ demands. So what content do your investors want to see?

Educate, educate, educate

Whether you’re targeting first-time investors or seasoned veterans, almost all audiences engage with and want educational content. The type and style of educational content will depend on your target audience and their needs.

“ When customers feel connected to a brand 57% of them will increase their spending with that brand and 76% will buy from them over a competitor. ”

For first-time investors, simple 101 videos and infographics will be helpful. For more experienced investors, detailed market insights and informational content on more complex subject areas would be beneficial.

At the end of the day, asset management and investing can be complex and often confusing for people. By educating your audience you can build trust and loyalty, enabling you to retain clients in the long term.

Content marketing for asset managers on every channel

Omnichannel marketing could be your asset management firm’s competitive edge. With the rise in social media and digital platforms, it’s become more important than ever to have a presence across all channels. In fact, brands that implemented omnichannel marketing experienced 23x higher customer satisfaction rates. However, how you present your brand and your content marketing strategy must be strategically thought out.

Understanding each social channel, the audience you are targeting on there and the content that performs well is key to creating a successful omnichannel marketing strategy. Your content on Instagram will look different to what you present on LinkedIn, for example.

Omnichannel marketing is about ensuring a user has a positive experience with your asset management firm on whatever channel. Unlike multichannel marketing, which is just when a brand advertises across multiple platforms, omnichannel marketing is about creating a connected and seamless experience for users.

Ditch the boring, downloadable PDFs

While downloadable PDFs have their place in your asset management firms’ content marketing strategy, they aren’t as effective as you might think. Taking the research and information contained within these PDFs and converting them into interactive and engaging content that can be used across multiple channels is a better content marketing strategy.

Allow old-school users to have the option to download these documents but don’t make this your entire strategy. Mix up your content by producing short-form videos, infographics and interactive graphs to engage a wider audience and keep your content fun and fresh.

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