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Cheat sheet: content marketing for asset managers


2 years ago

2 years ago


According to research by Murray Dare, 70% of asset managers have little to no content or content marketing strategy. When considering these figures, it’s clear that content marketing is entirely underutilised by a majority of asset managers. When done right, content marketing can help nurture leads and convert clients. Here we give a guide to how asset managers can nail their content marketing.

The basics of content marketing for asset managers

“ 70% of asset managers have little to no content or content marketing strategy.”

If you want to gain a competitive edge and both nurture and convert leads, you need to develop a variety of content that communicates why they should work with your asset management firm effectively. Content needs to be fresh and engaging, meaning you should create a variety – from blog posts to short-from videos.

To develop and create authentic relationships with clients, you need to create content that is tailored to them. Consider and research what your clients want to see. For example, wealth management and investing can often be a complex and confusing topic for not only first-time investors but experienced ones as well. Educational content should be a core component of your content marketing strategy.

At the end of the day, by communicating with clients and forming authentic relationships, you can build strong trust and brand awareness. But what type of content marketing is effective for asset managers?

The different types of content for asset managers

While there’s a popular assumption that long-form, written content is the best way for asset managers to explain their services, this is not the case. Providing fresh and diverse methods of communication can help cater to a wider audience and capture the attention of interested clients. Here are the top ways your asset management firm can communicate with clients:

  • Editorial articles – Editorial articles, or blog posts, can help bolster your SEO strategy, attract and nurture leads and improve brand awareness. And the best part? They continue to work hard for you even when your ad spending turns off. In fact, businesses that utilise written content as part of their finance content marketing strategy have seen 13x their return on investment than businesses that don’t.
  • Infographics – 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals have been known to improve learning and retention by 400%. Infographics are helpful in presenting complex information, in an easy-to-digest format. Infographics are a great method of breaking up long-form written content and can also be recycled and reused across social media channels to provide fun and fresh insights.
  • Social media – If your finance brand isn’t yet on social media, you need to be. In fact, 86% of investors state they consult a finance brand or executive’s social media channels when evaluating a current or prospective investment. Social media content must be tailored to your audience, be of value and be easily digestible. Research what your target audience wants to see and create content that reflects this.
  • Short-form videosYouTube performs best for asset managers in terms of engagement and it’s important you’re asset management firm is on there. Audiences want video content, whether it’s on your website or social media channels. A great aspect of video content is that it can be recycled and reused across all your channels, providing great ROI.

Top content marketing examples

To see the asset management firms doing content marketing right look no further than Goldman Sachs, First Capital and BlackRock.

Goldman Sachs ‘Insights’ section is a great example of content marketing. They are producing new content every single day in a variety of different formats. From podcasts to editorial articles to videos, there is a format of content that suits every type of client.

Another asset management firm that has a great SEO strategy is First Capital. They do website content marketing right, by packing their content with high-ranking keywords. One example of this is their article ‘Demystifying M&A: Cash Free, Debt Free’. This article alone receives 66.4% of the website’s total monthly traffic which is because it ranks for 114 keywords.

Finally, you can’t discuss content marketing for asset managers without considering BlackRock. What BlackRock does so well at is creating tailored content for different social channels. They have a really good understanding of who their audience is on every different type of social media and create content accordingly, reaping large engagement and a big follower base.

Overall, content marketing should be a priority for asset managers. It’s a critical component to nurturing leads, converting clients, and gaining trust and brand awareness.

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