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Asset managers’ guide to executing a paid social media campaign

Asset managers’ guide to executing a paid social media campaign


4 years ago

4 years ago

Media Buying


According to research published in LinkedIn’s 2020 Financial Services playbook, 98% of investors use social platforms such as LinkedIn and X to inform investment decisions on a weekly basis. To capture the attention of this audience where they’re already active,  asset managers can take a targeted and measured approach with a paid social media campaign on one or more of these platforms. 

Given there are a number of elements to planning and executing a paid social media campaign, we’ve mapped out clear steps to help asset managers tackle paid social media opportunities. 

Goal setting for media buying

Asset managers looking to manage a paid social media campaign need to start with a clear campaign goal such as sourcing new leads, building brand awareness or driving website traffic to landing pages. Once the media goal is identified, asset managers can help determine what type of ad formats and bidding strategies will need to be used.

Using a paid social media campaign budget wisely

Fund managers looking to launch their first media campaign should start with smaller budgets to test and learn from. With tighter budgets, it’s important to make sure social media spend isn’t wasted targeting a non-relevant audience so asset managers should explore the sophisticated targeting options on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and X. Finance brands looking to try this for the first time should understand the benefits of a targeted social media campaign.

“ Fund managers looking to launch their first paid social media campaign should start with smaller budgets to test and learn from. ”

Advertising opportunities for asset managers

Publications like Morningstar, The Australian Financial Review, and The Financial Times are all regularly read by investors and advisers so partnering with these news sources is a great way to capture an already engaged audience. Media publications offer a range of advertising opportunities from display, through to native advertising, newsletter inclusions, and content marketing integrations. Asset managers should look to explore amplification opportunities with these sources to engage with audiences consuming content in their daily digital routines.

Target niche audiences using search engine marketing

Long-tail keywords are phrases or terms that investors may be searching for already. Savvy asset managers should look to allocate Adword media spend to help reach campaign goals. Long-tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value as they’re more specific. SEO specialist Neil Patel states that “long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches” so can be a cost-effective way to target keywords and phrases that investors and advisers are searching for already.

Create an ‘always-on’ component to media spend

Most asset managers promote the launch of a new fund or an event that requires specific focus for a specific period of time. Finance brands should look to develop and maintain an ‘always-on’ presence, delivering messaging and content that drives real value for investors and advisers ongoing. Content can come in the form of thought-leadership, economic commentary, and even the promotion of relevant products or funds that the audience can engage with. Social Media Today describes it as an ‘always-there’ approach “creating content that’s relevant and well-placed for the audience to naturally discover on their own terms.”

There may be lots to consider when planning your first media campaign but it’s most important to test and learn at each stage of the process and tweak targeting, spend, and keywords which will unlock further opportunities to engage with your audience. 

Content marketing plays a big role in staying relevant with your audience and media campaigns are an essential way to extend the reach of your content and build brand awareness. Get in touch to find out how The Dubs can help you plan, manage, and execute your finance brand’s first paid social media campaign. 

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