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AI social media marketing: the present for finance brands

AI social media marketing: the present for finance brands


6 years ago

6 years ago


Long perceived as something of the future, AI social media marketing has the potential to play a significant role in a marketers’ day-to-day. We spoke with David Fairfull, CEO and co-founder of AI social media marketing platform, Metigy to understand the insights and benefits AI can offer to finance brands.

What are the challenges for marketers that AI can help solve?

Keeping up with the pace of social media and distributing relevant content can be a struggle for any brand. By using AI to supplement your social media strategy you can stay on trend, on topic and on target.

By using AI to supplement your social media strategy you can stay on trend, on topic and on target.

AI chatbots, which help brands provide accurate, timely responses to social media enquiries are already commonplace – but there are back-office applications for AI too. The right technology can post relevant social content where it senses a conversational uptrend, speeds up the process of A/B testing and analyses huge datasets in real-time to help brands optimise their social content and achieve improved ROI. The Metigy platform can also analyse your competitors and provide advice for your marketing team on your next move.

What is holding marketers back from using AI?

Perceptions of AI are still quite confused. For example, there are concerns around AI ‘taking jobs from humans’ but the truth is that when it comes to social media, it’s really a combination of AI and human creativity that produces the best results.

Another blocker is that AI is perceived as being something ‘of the future’ – in fact, it’s already being used to great effect. Platforms like Facebook and Amazon are tapping into AI technology to give users a personalised customer experience. AI is a very accessible solution to brands of any size.

How can finance brands ensure their AI technology is compliant?

There is nothing threatening about AI, even if it might seem a little scary. AI is (and will be for some time) at the cutting edge of technology so there aren’t as many established precedents for how it works within a business. It will take a bit of bravery, and a close relationship between your technology provider and compliance team, but if you wait for AI to become commonplace, you could miss out on the competitive advantage it can offer.

What benefits does Metigy offer finance marketers?

Metigy is an AI-powered assistant that digests 10 million data sources every day. Not only can it predict conversational trends 24 hours in advance, but it can cross-compare these by channel and with your competitors. It can then offer high probability insights for you to put into action straight away. Metigy takes AI to the next level by answering the practical questions of what, when, how and why, making your social marketing more cohesive and effective.

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