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Why financial marketers should create interactive content

A guide to interactive content for finance marketers


2 years ago

2 years ago


According to a study by Demand Metric, 68% of businesses that employed interactive content experienced revenue growth within a year. This is because interactive financial marketing content is effective in collecting quality first-party data, improving engagement, nurturing leads and converting clients. Incorporating interactivity could be the competitive edge you need to improve your marketing strategies. But how can your finance brand get it right?

The ins and outs of interactive content

In today’s competitive market, it can be difficult to ensure your finance brand stands out from the competition. Your content strategy needs to balance creativity with information. Interactivity is a great way to achieve these objectives.

But what is interactive content? Interactive financial marketing content is any type of content that encourages user participation. This is critical, as the more users engage with your content the better the connection they create with your finance brand.

“ 68% of businesses that employed interactivity experienced revenue growth within a year.”

Interactive financial marketing content can consist of many different types of formats, including online calculators, videos, infographics, white papers and more. Each type of format helps to support different stages of the buyer’s journey. According to data by Demand Metric, interactivity works best in the early and middle stages of the buyer’s journey. With it being 42% effective in the beginning stage and 45% effective in the middle stage.


There are a number of key benefits to incorporating interactive financial marketing content as part of your overall content marketing strategy. Some of these include:

  • Education – Interactive financial marketing content is a great way of delivering educational content. According to Demand Metric, 90% of marketing professionals believe that interactivity is effective in educating the customer, while only 60% consider that traditional content can achieve this goal.
  • Impacts on consumer decision-making – Interactive financial marketing content can have a strong impact on consumers’ decision-making, with Demand Metric noting that 96% of marketing professionals believe interactivity impacts buyer decisions along their journey.
  • Good source of first-party data – Interactive financial marketing content makes it easier to collect first-party data, helping you to understand your clients better. This helps you to create a strong marketing strategy that’s informed and tailored to your audience.

Finance brand’s producing great interactive financial marketing content

Several finance brands have begun integrating interactivity as part of their overall marketing strategies. The best part about interactive financial marketing content is that it can take many forms, so your finance brand should look to be creative and invest time and energy into ensuring it remains tailored to your target audience.

One finance brand that’s incorporated interactivity is Nerd Wallet. Nerd Wallet’s website houses a myriad of online financial tools and calculators, which makes it easier for users to make smarter financial decisions.

Stewart Investors has created an easy-to-use portfolio explorer map, to enable users to see where the companies in its strategies are contributing to sustainable development. This global map shares helpful information about sustainability efforts in a simple format, making use of bullet points and images to showcase exactly what these companies are doing right and where they can improve.

Finally, while not strictly a finance brand, CNN Money (the pay-tv news channel) has a variety of interactive financial marketing content. Things such as interactive maps where users can see the stock market in different countries or the average rent prices in cities around the USA are some examples. This type of content is great as it reduces bounce rate and improves engagement, showcasing some ways your finance brand can incorporate it on your website.

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