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4 copywriting tips for finance marketers

4 copywriting tips for finance marketers


5 years ago

5 years ago


Engaging your audience through an authentic but compelling voice can improve your chance of converting would-be customers to actual customers. By following some simple copywriting tips your finance brand’s message can be delivered with greater efficiency and impact.

1. Use a powerful attention grabber

Let’s face it, many people don’t make it past the headline of a page link, which means your brand’s first goal when delivering a value proposition to your audience is to get them to click. That’s easier said than done with a recent study showing that 59% of all links shared on social media aren’t even clicked on.

Having a powerful attention grabber isn’t the same as clickbait

Having a powerful attention grabber isn’t the same as clickbait. By focusing on what your brand is delivering, whether through a list (like this article) or “how-to” content, your audience will know what they’ll get out of clicking on your content.

2. Copywriting that builds respect, trust, and rapport

If you were to guess whether your audience prefers to be spoken to or spoken with, which would you guess? Having an authentic conversation with your audience through respectful dialogue that addresses their challenges and concerns can build trust and rapport. There’s no denying there’s a task for finance brands to rebuild trust and being transparent in the way your brand communicates will, in turn, help customers open up to your brand.

3. Keep it simple

When you get down into the nitty-gritty technical details in finance peoples’ eyes tend to glaze over pretty quickly. And if you lose them at this point you’ll have a difficult time moving them through the rest of your brand’s journey.

If you keep your content simple but to the point, you’re more likely to hold onto your audience’s attention and satisfy their needs, ensuring your brand remains accessible to a wider audience. Most people just want to know what your brand can do for them, so it helps to demonstrate this as clearly as possible through your content. While it’s important to have a place for them to access more in-depth information or support when needed, the bulk of your content should be easy to digest.

4. Deliver lots of value

In the new and ever-expanding Internet economy, the competition for your audience’s business and attention is at a level never before seen. This means your brand needs to focus on delivering value to your audience as often as possible, ensuring that what they’re getting is perceived to be more valuable than the time they’re giving.

The key is to know your audience and communicate in a way that delivers value from the moment they engage, right through to them becoming a customer and long after.

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