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3 examples of great financial content marketing

3 examples of great financial content marketing


2 years ago

2 years ago


A strong financial content marketing strategy is an effective method of nurturing leads and converting clients. Yet, most finance brands’ financial content marketing isn’t up to par. Understanding your target audience and creating content that’s not only educational but also value-driven is critical. Here we break down three finance brands that have nailed their content marketing and explain what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

The basics of financial content marketing

To nurture and convert leads, your finance brand needs an informed and strategic content marketing plan that addresses your audience’s concerns. To keep your content fresh and engaging, you also need to produce a variety of it – infographics, short-form videos or editorial content.

At the end of the day, it’s imperative you produce content your target audience wants to see. Whether you’re trying to gain the attention of high-net-worth investors or young first-time investors, your financial content marketing strategy should reflect what they want to see. Utilise your performance metrics across your social media platforms and website to find what content works and who’s looking at it.

“ To nurture and convert leads, your finance brand needs an informed and strategic financial content marketing plan that addresses your audience’s concerns.”

Omnichannel marketing is your friend. Producing and distributing content across a variety of channels will enable your finance brand to reach more people and gain leads. Make sure your financial content marketing is tailored to the platform it’s being distributed on, look at the trends, consider the demographics and ensure every interaction a consumer has with you is a positive one.

Stripe’s educational guide and content hub

Stripe has created an educational content hub and multiple guides, to help make it easier for consumers to navigate not only its products and services but also to gain insights into global events.

From industry updates to business insights, Stripe provides a diverse range of content that’s easy to understand and simple. In addition, all articles are written by industry experts helping to ensure the content is accurate and cements Stripe as an authority. Finally, the design of the content hub makes it easy to navigate, enabling users to find information quickly and without fuss.

What can we learn?

  • Produce content your audience actually wants. Consider using existing data and customer surveys to establish what topics are of interest
  • Produce a range of content that provides value-driven information sourced from experts
  • Ensure your website and content hub is easy to use and mobile-friendly

Abrdn’s thinking aloud

Abrdn’s Thinking Aloud content hub provides the latest insights and opinions about issues that affect the industry. Relatively short in length, between 2-5 minute read time, these articles provide research-backed analysis on key topics clients and industry experts want.

An easy-to-navigate website, each article is clear in its topic and targeted toward global investors. Each article clearly explains each topic, with infographics, charts and graphs included to make things easier to understand. In addition, articles are published daily helping to keep the content not only fresh and engaging but also timely.

What can we learn?

  • Produce editorial-quality content covering a range of topics, including macroeconomic themes
  • Utilise internal experts who know the subject matter like the back of their hand
  • Produce a mixture of short-form and long-form editorial content
  • Create an always-on content program

Schroder’s infographics

Schroder creates informative infographics that tackle complex topics to make them easier to understand for investors. Colourful, easy to navigate and simple to understand Schroder’s infographics are a unique way in which to help investors gain a snapshot of timely topics and useful insights.

What can we learn?

  • To create content that’s eye-catching and utilises high-quality graphic design
  • Provide easy-to-understand snapshots of complex topics for investors to gain timely insights quickly

What you can learn from these financial content marketing examples

Overall, these three financial content marketing examples highlight not only the importance of creating content specific to your target audience, but also creating content that’s easy to understand. Focusing on simplifying complex topics and providing accurate and timely information is an important component of any financial content marketing strategy.

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