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3 brands doing finance podcasts well

3 brands doing finance podcasts well


2 years ago

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2 years ago


Podcasts aren’t slowing down in popularity, with the number of listeners forecasted to grow to 1.85 billion globally by 2023. Yet, many finance brands have been slow on the uptake despite 12.6 million households identifying as “avid fans” of business podcasts in the US alone. With financial management and investing being complex topics, podcasts are the perfect platform to provide consumable, reliable information. There lies a significant opportunity for finance brands not yet producing a podcast to gain a loyal audience. So, which finance brands are doing podcasts well?

Why finance podcasts should be a part of your content marketing

Investors not only want but need financial education resources. Podcasts are a great format to break down complex financial matters while offering a ‘human’ voice that can help connect with audiences, whether everyday investors or institutional and wholesale investors.

“ The number of podcast listeners is expected to grow to 1.85 billion globally by 2023. ”

So, what finance brands are doing finance podcasts well?

Finance brands doing podcasts well

Many finance brands have launched podcasts in the past few years, but not all are doing them right. Here are three finance brands who have nailed podcasting:

The Bid by BlackRock

The Bid by BlackRock is focused on breaking down what’s happening in the markets and explaining current issues and trends that may impact investing today and in the future. In 2020, it was in the top 5% of podcasts across categories and remains a largely popular podcast with a 4.7-star rating on Spotify.

Posting once a week, The Bid successfully breaks down complex and timely topics in short podcast episodes that range from 20 to 30 minutes. What makes this podcasts so successful, is the broad range of content they speak about and the expert guests they have to speak about them. This cements BlackRock as an authority in the space.

The AIQ Podcast by Aviva

The AIQ Podcast is focused on explaining complex investment topics so investors can gain a better understanding and apply them. Chatting to some of the leaders in economics, finance and academia, each episode is short around 20 minutes long making it easily digestible for busy investors.

Posting every few months, Aviva has made its finance podcast a pivotal part of its overall content strategy. Unlike other finance brands, Aviva has seamlessly integrated its podcast as a part of its content hub on its website (although you can still stream the podcast on all platforms). This means its content hub houses a variety of fresh content, engaging investors no matter what format of content they want.

Good Money Moves by First Alliance Credit Union

Good Money Moves by First Alliance Credit Union is focused on providing money management tips and advice, to empower consumers to make smart financial decisions. A slightly different focus to Aviva and BlackRock, Good Money Moves provides more simple advice and information targeted towards the everyday person.

With financial stress being so prevalent, Good Money Moves makes it easy to learn how to be better with your money. Highly tailored to its target audience of everyday Americans, this podcast successfully forms connections with audiences through supplying easy to understand and implement financial advice.

What makes a good finance podcast

So, what can we learn from these top three finance podcasts? To have a successful podcast it’s all about creating easy-to-understand content that’s tailored to your target audience.

Here are our top tips for creating a great finance podcast:

  • Create episodes you’re passionate about and that your target audience wants
  • Select your hosts carefully
  • A podcast is an oral medium, to capture the attention you still need to focus on telling a story
  • Produce and edit your podcast professionally (no one wants to listen to bad audio quality)
  • Create a consistent format people can learn and expect

Overall, now’s as good a time as any to launch a podcast. Gain leads and form more meaningful connections with consumers through starting a finance podcast.

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