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12 benefits for finance brands being on LinkedIn

12 benefits for finance brands being on LinkedIn


2 years ago

2 years ago


LinkedIn is the social media platform your finance brand can’t afford to forget about. With engagement at an all-time high, with the average session increasing by 22% it’s critical your finance brand has a strategic and informed content strategy planned. Here we break down the benefits of being for finance brands and the type of content that performs best.

LinkedIn explained for financial marketers

“ Finance as a whole continues to be in the top five for most-read topics on the platform. ”

LinkedIn is the perfect place to distribute and share a variety of content, from targeting high net worth individuals to more B2B style information. In fact, according to Megan Anderle, Senior Marketing Consultant at LinkedIn, “Finance as a whole continues to be in the top five for most-read topics on the platform, and interestingly, 75% of engagement comes from members who do not work in finance, according to our data.”

LinkedIn is known for being a trusted platform where users can find accurate information on a variety of topics, from market insights to superannuation information. This is highlighted by users being 2x more likely to seek advice on the platform and 1.7x more receptive to brand messages.

If your finance brand isn’t yet on LinkedIn or doesn’t have a content marketing strategy in place, it’s time you do.

Content that performs best on LinkedIn

Like with any social media app, your content needs to be tailored to the platform and your specific audience. Unlike Instagram or TikTok, LinkedIn has a more professional demographic who are seeking trusted advice and financial information.

As Meredith Olmstead, CEO and Founder at FI GROW Solutions, asserts “LinkedIn is becoming more of a place for trusted advice.” She explains, “Many people default to LinkedIn when they are looking for help because it is still seen as professional and serious.”

Here are three top tips for creating content that hits:

  • Double down on video – Videos have experienced a 31% increase globally, showcasing a growing demand for visual storytelling.
  • A platform designed for thought leadership – LinkedIn is the perfect place for your thought leadership content to live with users wanting to follow high-profile executives and brands.
  • Timely and accurate is a must – It may be obvious, but your content needs to not only be timely but also accurate. Utilising the voices of industry experts is a great way of reaching your audience and fostering engagement.

Overall, LinkedIn is a must for finance brands wanting to build trust, gain engagement and become a thought leader within the industry.

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